Nov 8, 2010

My nails #11: almost stiletto...

Hey guys! So in school (I'm taking a nail course to be a nail tech if you don't know), we are given a specific acrylic nail system to use. In case there's anyone out there who knows this stuff and is interested, we use NSI attraction powders and the NSI Spa Liquid. Let me just say that I hate the acrylic liquid that we use. You know that smell that assaults you when you walk into a nail salon that does acrylic? That's the acrylic liquid that smells like that. Ew. So the nail liquid they give us at school is supposed to be a no odor liquid (which is an outright lie...but it isn't quite as smelly as the other stuff) but the application of this stuff is a nightmare. So dry and powdery and I find it so tempermental. There's no way you could even think about doing intricate nail art with it, cuz of the super dry consistencey. If it's applied too wet, it turns yellow and can lift off the nail. If it's too dry, it won't stick to the nail.

Since I'm so into 3d nail art I really needed to find a acrylic system that will work for me, so I decided to invest in some Young Nails acrylic. If anyone out there is curious about what I bought or is interested in acrylic or even gels for that matter, I can show you the stuff I have and what I got in my kit from school...just ask :)

So needless to say, when I got home today I was dying to play. I really wanted one stiletto pinkie nail, but I didn't want to be a danger to myself or my kids so I rounded the tip off quite a bit. I didn't know what I wanted to do on my nails, but I have been wanting to try embedded 3d nail art so I thought that was the way to go. Btw, this is my first attempt at a stiletto nail...

It looks different in person I think. No so rounded on the tip and slimmer looking. Weird. Oh well, you get the idea. So what I did was used a nail form to create the shape/extension using a clear acrylic powder mixed with white sparkles (from Martha Stewart). Then I did the 3d nail art as flat as I could using the YN xxx white powder and the pastel collection of acrylic colours. And encased the whole nail with a fast setting clear powder. Then I filed it and shaped it and used a uv gel top coat.

I like the idea of it, but I'm waiting for the moment I poke myself in the eye. Or it catches onto something and rips my entire nail off my finger. Eep!

Anywho, just a quick show for you hubby's giving me the stank eye cuz he wants to sit and have family time and I guess that includes me hey? Hope you guys enjoy your weekend :)

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