Dec 11, 2011

Orly Lollipop (Sweet Collection 2010)

Will it sound strange if I write that I want to eat my nails? :D This polish is just so sweet you actually want to try it. Application was like a dream. I have to say I think Orly did one of the best spring collections for this year. Great job!

Bude to znít divně, když napíšu, že si chci ukousnout nehty? :D Tenhle lak je tak sladký, že k tomu přímo vybízí. Nanášel se hladce, je úžasný. Musím říct, že Orly se povedlo udělat jednu z nejlepších kolekcí pro letošní jaro. Skvělá práce!

Lot Of Designs To Birthday Nail Art Designs 2010

Lot Of Designs To Birthday Nail Art Designs 2010

Birthday Nail Art Designs 2010

One’s birthday can be a great time to pamper yourself with birthday nail art. Several people indulge in nail art to celebrate their special day. There are a lot of designs to choose from that caters to women of all ages. Young ones sometimes choose to have their ages painted on their nails. This may not be the case for older ones since they do not like to be reminded of their age. These ages can be applied on nail with the use of acrylic paint, airbrush or nail sticker.
Birthday Nail Art - Colorful Nails For Young Women
Lot Of Designs To Birthday Nail Art Designs 2010
This method can be quite enjoyable for younger girls as their expression of getting a year older. Some have birthday cake designs painted on their nails as the ultimate birthday nail art. Surely a birthday would not be complete without a cake. There are also girls who choose to wear candle nail art as well. Birthday cakes and their candles are popular birthday nail art designs since they symbolize what your special day is all about. You are free to choose which design you want and you can even go with clowns or balloons.
Birthday Nail Art - Blue Color
Lot Of Designs To Birthday Nail Art Designs 2010
For working women who wants a less wild birthday nail art, you can polish your nails with your favorite color and simply add gems or stones to compliment your birth month. You can either go to a nail technician or have it done yourself. You do not need to be extra creative, all you have to do is enjoy your birthday with your very own choice of birthday nail art.