Nov 16, 2010

First Bloom

Hi all, last Sunday, me and my family went out, guess what? I bought some nail stuff.. some of them are my lemmings like etude house and acrylic paint, I also bought some stuff from ebay.. Btw, here's my NOTD, my first try using acrylic paint.. Do you like it? I named it "First Bloom", love the outcome of my design, the color of it is very lively.. I used acrylic paint as base coat,and drew a flower on the corner tip of my nails, then I added some dots.. and last I used wet n' wild Black Magic as top coat... everytime I look at it, it feels like I'm in a garden filled with flowers. Look how pretty the flower is.. I like them! Hope you also will.. ^.^



No nails today dear addicts, I have so much work to do :( I just wanted to remind you all, that my Dior Vernis Giveaway ends in just three days, so don´t forget to enter :) Good luck to you!

Dresses for Spring

Illamasqua Velocity

Not really my type of color. Or maybe it is but I just didn´t have the right mood for it. I want bright colors and I want spring :) This is from the 2009 fall collection called Distopia. I have more polishes from this brand to show you, thanks to my lovely friend Day. Another friend of mine, Lucy, is having a great giveaway so please look at her blog. She has very nice pictures of nail polish and so long lashes!!!

Tohle není zrovna moje barvič anebo možná je, ale zrovna jsem na ni neměla náladu. Teď chci veselé laky a hlavně jaro :) Tenhle láček je z podzimní kolekce 2009 s názvem Distopia. Od téhle značky pro vás budu mít víc kousků díky mé kamarádce Day. Což mi připomnělo, že jedna z mých kamarádek a nově taky blogerka Lucy má svůj první giveaway, který byste si neměli nechat ujít. Má moc pěkné fotečky nehtíků a řasy až do nebe!