Jul 3, 2011

Modern 2010 High Fashion Nails

Just as style trends change in clothes, the same holds true for nail fashion. There are two main French manicure styles; most women are familiar with the rounded tip French manicure, but when you want high fashion nails, the angled red chevron French manicure gives your nails show-stopping glamour. This is a dramatic fashion look that looks totally gorgeous on long nails without going over the top.

2010 High Fashion Nails Art
Modern 2010 High Fashion Nails

This French manicure using bright nail tips in a variety of ways, some of these styles were inspired by celebrities such as Anna Nicole Smith whose signature nail fashion style used a thin line of gold below scarlet red tips. While the most common colors in French manicures are white and pale pink, brighter shades such as fuchsia with silver glitter lining for contrast can give you a polished, celebrity appearance.
But the French manicure has been used on the Gothic scene as well, taking advantage of using black nail polish that has become a hot fashion trend. Whether you choose to use dramatic or lighthearted shades of nail color, these are high fashion nails that pack a lot of impact and make you stand out from the crowd.
Choosing the right formula of topcoat is essential to keep your manicure salon perfect and avoid any last-minute nail problems before your special day or night begins. Whether you use your own natural nails or decide to add extra length with acrylic tips, be sure that the design you choose matches your clothes and your personality.

Nail Art Design for New Years celebration

Some people love the holidays and really get into the spirit. They decorate their homes, cars, clothes and even their nails.  New years is a holiday they many people like to get into. Adults and kids like to celebrate the occasion. These are some nail art design for the new year celebration

nail art glitter holiday

stripe style nail art

nail art for new years

nail art for new years 2

nail art for new yeras 3

nail art for new years 4

ManGlaze Week Day 4: Hot Mess

Today I want to show you another ManGlaze product. With Hot Mess you can change your mani really quick and it looks very nice. I tried it on black and on a dusty rose. But there are million cominations you can try.

Dnes vám chci ukázat další lak od ManGlaze. S Hot Stuff můžete proměnit staré lakování a dát mu úplně nový vzhled. Já jsem tenhle nadlak vyzkoušela na černou a hnědorůžovou. Kombinací je ale spousta, určitě se s ním nebudete nudit.
ManGlaze description: The glossy destroying powers of Matte-Astrophe but with a stupidly evil amount of glistening bling. Put this over any color and drool. Hell ain't so bad art created yet again by Joe Simko!

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.