Mar 22, 2011

Two reader requests

Todays post is two reader requests I got lately. If you want something specific too, just let me know :) I am always happy to help my readers.

First, jaljen wanted to see Orly Luxe with some black stamping. Recently I bought the Bundle monster image plates set, so this was a great opportunity to try them out :) This is from plate MB12. I have to say, that these image plates are great. Very easy to work with, nice designs and cheap. Love them.

Next, alluring_mum wanted me to make a comparison of Maybelline Mirror Image polish with China Glaze Millenium. In the bottle these two look very simmilar, but on the nail the difference is evident. The Mirror Image really looks more like a mirror, but is hadrer to work with and doesn´t last long. If you want a really shiny silver that last, I would go for the China Glaze.