Dec 28, 2010

Best Extreme Long Nail Art Pictures For Girl

Best Extreme Long Nail Art Pictures For Girl

Toes with 3d Stars Nail art

3D stars nail design for toe nails
TOES with NAIL ART, originally uploaded by Troy Richard Salon.

3D stars nail design for toe nails

Pieces Nail Polish

Hi all,

Last sunday, Michèle and I stumbled upon some unknown pretties; nail polish from Pieces. Pieces is a store that sells mostly accessories and clothing, but they now sell nail polish as well. I picked up three colors; Cookie Dough, Lavender Haze and It's Camouflage.

pieces nail polish nailpolish green taupe brown lavender purple pink it's camouflage lavender haze cookie dough
The pretties! Cookie Dough, Lavender Haze, It's Camouflage

pieces nail polish green nailpolish it's camouflagePieces It's Camouflage, three coats in indirect sunlight. I tried to capture the colors as accurate as possile, so there's some variety in the poses lol. It's Camouflage is a dusty, putty green creme. The name says it all; it's a perfect camouflage color. Application was watery with the first coat. I thought I wouldn't be able to make it opaque in a couple of coats, but I had no visible nail line in three coats. Drying time is good and the polish is shiny like hell! No topcoat needed.

pieces taupe brown creme cookie doughPieces Cookie Dough, one coat in indirect daylight. Yes, this is a onecoater!! Yay!! Pigmentation in this one is awesome. Cookie Dough is a dark taupe, or dusty brown creme. These kind of colors look very classy to me and it's almost impossible for me to not like these shades. Application is good. The polish shines a little less than It's Camouflage, so you could apply topcoat for extra shine. Drying time was great.

pieces lavender haze nail polish nailpolish pink purple lilacPieces Lavender Haze, three coats in daylight. Lavender Haze is, as the name states, a lavender colored creme. It's very light and almost pink in some lights, but mostly it's a true lavender. I really like this color. Somehow it makes my hands look really tanned (= big plus). The structure was a bit watery at first, but like It's Camouflage, all evened out and Lavender Haze was opaque in three coats. Since this is a pastel, it tends to be a little streaky so be careful when you apply this one.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the polishes! The quality is just as good or maybe even better than other, more expensive brands of nail polish and they have some interesting colors. I saw a great red as well, that might be a RBL Banging dupe :). The only little downside I have is the square cap that makes it a little less comfortable to apply the polish than application with a round cap. But other than that, I'm really digging these.

Oh and a little tip; the polish looks a lot darker on the nail than they do in the bottle! So don't let this scare you when you want to pick these up.

I bought them in a set of three for € 6,95 at the Pieces store at the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. You can pick the three colors yourself. I believe they are € 2,50 or € 3 a piece when you buy them seperately, but please don't quote me on that ;)

What do you think of these Pieces polishes?

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