Jul 18, 2011


Men Luxury Manicure
Men's Manicure Grooming Set with Clippers, Tweezers and Scissors: Keep your nails in top condition with this simple grooming kit. Including toe and fingernail clippers, tweezers and grooming scissors, have a perfectly manicured appearance without trying.
Men&39s Leather Manicure Set Black Personalised Leather Cased Manicure/Grooming Kits. Our ‘his and hers’ sets make ideal gifts for the well-groomed lady or gent, are perfect for travel and offer
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Men Manicure

Not many men regard male manicure as an essential part of beauty grooming. But, if the modern man finds neat appearance and good looks important in his pursuit of success, then neat nails becomes inevitable.
In earlier days, women assessed men by the cleanliness of his shoes. Today, women like men who dress well and well-attended--men with clean hands and trimmed nails.
A good manicure will ensure that one's nails are clean, neat and trim. Here are easy at-home steps manicure to give nails a trimmed appearance.

Easy Do-It-Yourself Male Manicure

Before starting, make sure to get a Male Manicure Grooming Kit that contains nail brush, orange sticks, emery board, nail buffer, nail filer, and cuticle nipper including a fingernail clipper.
To prepare, cut nails using a fingernail clipper to ideal length then shape nails with an emery board. Remember to cut straight across. File away rough edges so the tips are smooth and round. Brush nails gently to remove dirt from underneath the nail tips, along the nail folds and across the nail plates.

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