Sep 17, 2011

China Glaze Visit Me In Prism

Hi all!

How are you all doing? I hope you are all fine! The working week is almost over, so we'll have a long weekend ahead of us and it seems like the weather fairies are playing along - yay! Today I have a slightly older polish for you from a 2006 Collection from China Glaze: The Kaleidoscope Collection. I wasn't really into holographic polishes and I don't like the Nfu Oh holo's, but I LOVE these Kaleidoscopes! I managed to get hold of three of them; Kaleidoscope him out, He's going in Circles and Visit me in Prism. Today I have pictures for you from the latter!

China Glaze Visit Me In Prism, three coats in sunlight. Visit me in Prism is actually more lilac than my picture shows you, as she is a very silver but slighty lilac holograpic (yes, to me this falls in the holographic category) polish. I love the holographic effect that the Kaleidoscopes have:

See that it has more lilac to it? I adore this and I'm sure I will wear it a lot in the summer.

Application was ok; the polish was a bit watery but nothing unmanagable so it went on pretty nicely. Dryingtime was good.

I will be hunting the other Kaleidoscopes down when I see them for sale somewhere.. I want them all! What do you think of the Kaleidoscopes and Visit me in Prism in particular? What's your favorite Kaleidoscope?

Thanks for stopping by!

Picture Perfect Nails 2009

The photos in fashion magazines for nail care usually feature “picture perfect nails” dressed in French manicure style. The hands and nails of the models are usually so gorgeous that most women think that this glamorous classic French manicure is beyond their reach.

Picture Perfect Nails
Picture Perfect Nails 20094
Fortunately today any woman can achieve a breathtaking French manicure for any special occasion and beautiful hands every day.

Picture Perfect Nails
Picture Perfect Nails 20093
Many teenage girls have their first French manicure for their sweet sixteen birthday party or prom night. In the basic French manicure, the nails are finished in the style that uses white nail polish to accentuate the tip of the nail. From here the sky is the limit is how you personalize yourFrench manicure.

Picture Perfect Nails
Picture Perfect Nails 20092
If this is your first French manicure and you want to do it yourself, it would be wise to purchase the kit a couple of weeks before your special day and practice. The French manicure looks deceptively easy to do, but very few achieve the look they want on their first attempt. Today the French manicure kits have guides that make it easier to produce the “picture perfect” defining line. With a little patience your nails can look pretty, sophisticated, and posh.

Picture Perfect Nails
Picture Perfect Nails 20091
When time is short, a professional French manicure at a nail salon is your best option. Budget wise, the basic French manicure is very inexpensive because they are the most requested nail style. As long as your natural nails are ¼” long, a French manicure will give you “picture perfect nails.”