Dec 26, 2011

Orly Lemonade

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I just realized I haven't written a post about Orly Lemonade alone! Whoops.. Well, here it is :)

orly lemonade pastel yellow nail polish cremeOrly Lemonade, three coats in daylight. Lemonade is a pretty pastel yellow creme, a little more yellow irl. Pastels tend to be streaky at first and this one was no exception, but all evened out in three coats.

orly lemonade pastel yellow nail polish cremeOrly Lemonade, three coats in the shade. The color is more accurate in this picture since it isn't as washed out. I'm really starting to like pastel yellow polishes, they sure as hell are growing on me!

Application was good. I like the Orly brush; it's not as big as the OPI ProWide brush but it's easy to work with. Drying time was good.

And because I like it so much, here's my sugar sweet summery mani again:

orly lemonade pixy stix hex glitter nailart viva la nailsTo read about the products I used in this mani besides Orly Lemonade, please read Sugar Sweet Summer Manicure.

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The Beauty and Latest of 3D Nail Art

Visiting Vancouver nails salon weekly is a routine for me. I like to keep my nails clean and well cared for. That includes having great color and crafted with the very fashionable Vancouver Japanese nail art.

I visit different nail salons here in my place to see which has the best service. I am quite meticulous in regards to how they deliver and most especially the quality of the service. Because I consider myself as a very fashionable person and I would like to keep up with the trend, I can say that keeping a lifestyle like this needs careful investigation. Although I am not that fussy about perfect detail, I just like to make sure that I feel and look good.

Nowadays, I am fond of Vancouver 3D nails. I like how it looks because they are pretty and they give much personality. It's like they have their own statement of who I am so they need to keep up with my expectations.

The Beauty and Latest of 3D Nail Art-3These designs are like a window to my being. I like to dress up differently almost everyday according to the needs of parties or events, latest fashion trends and mood. These designs enable me to emphasize what look I am trying to portray. Like when I am in the mood to wear gothic clothes then a design with skulls or black flame would be appropriate. The same goes when a get-together needs me to wear a particular costume or get-up then I have to match the needs of that outfit with my nails. So, I visit different Vancouver nail salon in search for the best designs that show my personality.

The Beauty and Latest of 3D Nail Art-2Compared to color nail polish and regular Vancouver manicure and pedicure, the creativity of this art is just special. There is limitation to the conventional nail polish. Although it can be mixed with other colors making artistic drawings or art designs on the nail, Vancouver 3D nails emphasize the beauty of fine art and serve as an extension of my imagination. And being a 3-dimensional design, the materials used protrude from the nail; they pop out, unlike the usual color nail polish.

The Beauty and Latest of 3D Nail Art-1The things utilized in designing the nails are small 3D objects made from sculpture powder that has been molded to the desired figure. Also, some of the bits used are 3D stickers like the ones found in scrapbooks although these are customized to fit the nail. Small gems and crystals are also used to add that luxurious look. After being airbrushed with paint, the acrylic nail chips become the slate wherein these objects are attached then voila! A fashion statement has been made customized according to my imagination, of course.

I like having them and showing them off to my friends because they make me feel attractive, fashionable, and artistic. So whenever a party comes, after I have done my hair and make-up, I go down to the nearest nail salon to fix up. After getting a Vancouver manicure, I head to the artists that handle the designs and rig up my beautiful nails with fashion motivated art.

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China Glaze Cowgirl Up

I love trying new polishes, but I also never forget about the old ones. One of them is Cowgirl Up, which is my favourite polish of all time. I think I will have to buy a backup bottle :) What is your favourite polish?

Moc ráda zkouším nové a nové laky, ale také nikdy nezapomínám na ty staré. Jedním z nich je i Cowgirl Up, můj nejoblíbenější lak ze všech. Radši si koupím další lahvičku, nikdy bych o něj nechtěla přijít :) A jaký je váš oblíbenec?