May 31, 2011

Rich and Exclusive Nail Art Supplies to Decorate Your Nails

Fashion trends change from time to time and there is no end to the innovative nail art designs and accessories that are used to beautify nails. Every woman is fascinated by the latest in fashion and wants to keep up with what's in style. The overwhelming supplies that one can find in nail decorations have caught the fancy of the younger generation where teenagers are crazy about the art.

Rich and Exclusive Nail Art Supplies to Decorate Your Nails-2
Most young women love to get their nail art done professionally through nail salons or nail technicians. A nail tech or nail salon can give your nails the much needed make over and jazz up your nails with their expertise. The variety in nail art today is very impressive and is used abundantly in nail salons to enhance the overall look of the nails of their clients.

Rich and Exclusive Nail Art Supplies to Decorate Your Nails-1Nail art is also greatly used for bridal purposes. Specially designed nails are a luxury and if you can spend a little extra you might even get real diamonds in your nails too. As the wings of creativity expand, newer supplies and more intricate things are used by the nail artists. Sky is the limit to your imagination as far as nail art is concerned. It is truly an art and it involves a lot of concentration and creativity which adds more zing to your nails.

Finding the right supplier may not be an easy task especially when you need to buy high quality nail art supplies in bulk at wholesale rates. A little research on the Internet can help you shortlist genuine and reputed suppliers who manufacture and supply high quality yet affordable gel nails, nail care accessories and nail art. Some of them also offer great discounts on bulk purchases and you can greatly benefit from such deals and save money.

You may also find some real exclusive nail decoration pieces that may not be available in physical stores. The Fimo Fruit Sticks or the Fimo Art Sticks are a new addition in nail art and are easy to use and stick on the nail. These are available in over 50 unique designs and colors to suit the tastes and styles of all. Not only are these an extraordinary way to decorate your nails but are also affordable and available for as low as $2.50.

Rich and Exclusive Nail Art Supplies to Decorate Your Nails-3 These can be an ideal buy for nail salons, nail technicians and even nail schools for quick and easy application without any mess. You can now delight your clients with the fruity touch of Fimo Fruit or impress them with other fashion nail accessories like 3D flowers, 3D stickers, ceramic animals or even rhinestone embellishments.

You can find unique and exclusive nail art that can be easily bought online from the comfort of your home. Online shopping of supplies helps you access a wider range of latest accessories and nail products and what could be more convenient than shopping for these online and saving your time to travel to a store.

Take advantage of our great Gel-Nails offers and deals every week and update yourself with what's the latest and the most popular in the gel nails trend. Check out our new nail art accessories for a shopping experience that's filled with fun, variety, exclusivity, and surprises with new gel nails additions.

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Gold nails with black dots nailart design

Gold nails with black dots nail polish nailart designs gallery

May 30, 2011

Nubar Raspberry Truffle

Hi all!

I wanted to post this yesterday, but due to the weather I wasn't able to.. The thunder and lightning made my internet connection go crazy! This polish is one that I was lemming quite badly since I saw swatches online. Nubar isn't easy to get your hands on in The Netherlands, since doesn't ship outside the us, so it took me a while to find an etailer that could sell me this pretty. I'm talking about Nubar Raspberry Truffle, which is a part of the Chocolate Truffles Collection for Fall/Winter 2009.

nubar raspberry truffle nailswatchesnubar raspberry truffle nailswatchesNubar Raspberry Truffle, two coats in indirect daylight. Raspberry Truffle is a gorgeous deep dark chocolate brown with red and raspberry colored shimmer. The color is closer towards the first picture. Rich and deep dark brown.. It's a unique polish in my stash and I love it. It has the vampy feel and look that I love lately and it's just gorgeous.. I totally forgot to mattify it, so I'll do that next week.

Application was good. I never have problems with Nubar actually.. The brush is easy to work with and the cap is nice to hold, so no problems there either.

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May 29, 2011

Orly Star Of Bombay

Hi all!

Thanks for the sweet comments yesterday! I'm having issues posting replies so I hope I can fix it by implementing another system or something. Just want you to know that I read every single one of your comments and that I really appreciate the fact you visit my blog and even take the time to read my posts and reply to them. You all make it worth while <3 All went well at work today, although it was a slow start.. Just had to repeat everything and I will have to get used to the new system by using the program. All will be fine, I have lovely coworkers who want to help me!

Today I have one of the Orly Gems for you. I have the complete collection, but I don't even know if I've ever worn one of these polishes. Shame on me! Here is one that popped out while I was searching my helmer: Star of Bombay.

Orly Star of Bombay, two coats. Star of Bombay is a blackened dark blue shimmer. The shimmer is a lighter blue and looks gorgeous, but isn't really visible untill light hits it. Application on this one was like a dream. Opaque in two coats - although I think I could have gotten away with one for opacity. This polish went on smooth, not application issues whatsoever. Dryingtime was good as well.

I tried to take pictures in which you could see the pretty shimmer, but the darkness of this polsh as well. I hope I succeeded.. Anyway, when there's not light hitting the polish, it looks black. Just the slightest bit of light is enough to turn her blue again and to show a tiny bit of the shimmer :)

I played a little with Konad, although I wasn't as good at it as normal. I didn't feel like re-doing this though. Michèle from LACQUERIZED. convinced me to post this, so if you don't like it: It's all her fault! JK <3

I used Color Club Fashion Addict and imageplate M63 for stamping. The color combination is quite nice! The second picture is blurry to show the holo. The image isn't placed right on the nail, I know this.. I failed. Lol!

I got my prize from the contest at The Manicured Manatee in today! Whii! I won the spamapalooza contest, and this is my prize:

Ain't that just the cutest bottles ever?! I'll try to use them sometime soon, but I have a busy week ahead.. I want to take the time for these pretties!

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May 27, 2011

Picture of nail art design

Abstrac spring nail art

Cute 3D nail art design

Cute air brush nail art

flower nail art

Spring floral nail art

Japan spring

Dresses For a Party

Buying a Dress For a Party

Dresses do play a very important role in a one's life. How a person wears, and what he or she chooses to wear do play a vital role in creating an image of his or her true being. In fact it is rightly said 'First impression is the last impression' and our dressing sense do impact a very close relation to this statement.

A dress worn should be appropriate according to the place, situation and at the same time it should always match your own image to your true self which makes you more confident and comfortable in every mood and occasion. Anything worn not considering the appropriate situation will create an uncomfortable situation thus feeling embarrassed or unnoticed.

To pick the best dress there are various factors to be considered, one has to decide what goes well with the body shape and also have to choose the theme that one has to show off on the party day. Some steps and points to keep handy while pondering on which dress to choose are as follows:

1- Shopping should be considered from the shop from where one is able to see huge collection as per the choice. You can visit two or three big shopping malls to have a better idea of available designs and trends in the market.

2- The dress should and must reflect the theme of the party. Is it that you are choosing for a friend's reunion, or it is a dinner get together? Dresses these days are easily available in the market according to the occasion demands.

3- It is important that you should also consider whether you are single or married. You need to meet the requirements of your style and statement you make. You should put yourself in more confidence and poise.

4- Dress so as to choose should present you in your best. Dress should not only present your own style statement but it should bring you as a naturally attractive person. The dress should augment her imagine and it should make you feel comfortable.

5- Any dress without matching accessories does not tend to make any style statement. One should tend to pick and choose the dress with which he or she owns matching shoes, bag, and other hand accessories.

6- Budget do plays an important role here; one should be aware of how much one can tend to spend for a dress and for a particular situation. It is not always necessary to buy expensive dress. With limited budget, you can still buy a proper dress for you according to your need. Remember, your aim is to look perfect for the party, not to have an expensive dress.

From:Tauqeer Ul Hassan

May 26, 2011

Misa That´s My Little Secret

I don´t have many Misa polishes and when I get to try some, I am not a big fan. This is a nice berry creme. What I really like is that I used just one coat. The prolem is, that the formula was thick and didn´t apply very well.
I also wanted to remind you all, that tomorrow is the end of my giveaway! I think I will spend the whole weekend counting :)

Moc Misa laků nemám, a když už mám možnost nějaký vyzkoušet, tak moc nadšená nejsem. Tenhle láček je ale pěkný, líbí se mi, že stačí jedna vrstva. Problémy mi trošku dělalo hustší složení, takže se špatně nanášel.
Ještě malé připomenutí...zítra končí můj giveaway! Myslím, že strávím celý víkend počítáním :)

Otázka pro české čtenáře..

Thinking about writing only in english, so I want to ask my czech readers about it :)

Už dlouho přemýšlím o tom, že budu psát jen v angličtině. Psolední dobou mě psaní v češtině i angličtině vůbec nebaví a myslím, že je to na příspěvcích i vidět. Většina z vás stejně anglicky umí a ti co ne, můžou použít google translátor. Taky si nedělám iluze a spousta z vás to určitě ani nečte, jen mrkne na fotky (nemyslím to špatně, taky to dělám). Tak co si o tom myslíte.

May 25, 2011

OPI Funky Dunkey

Hi all!

Today I have the pretty purple from the Shrek collection by OPI for you. I already used this polish in my First Watermarble.

opi shrek collection 2010 funky dunkey purple creme grape nailswatchesopi shrek collection 2010 funky dunkey purple creme grape nailswatchesOPI Funky Dunkey, two coats in daylight. Funky Dunkey is a medium -grape- purple creme. This was just two coats, which applied easily.

The polish is really pigmented, making it perfectly opaque in two coats. Dryingtime was good as well. The polish was dry in minutes without a quickdry topcoat so I was pleased with that!

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May 24, 2011

Professional Nail Art 2010

Nail fashion looks great on models in magazines, but for many working women who want to accent their business image, well-manicured, professional nails are a must. No matter what your position, your hands are always on display. Women who work on a computer find it easier to type with medium length nails, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.
Lovely Nail Art
Professional Nail Art 2010
Today there are many options in nail fashions, from the French manicure to acrylic nails and a plethora of nail lacquer colors and nail art; you can choose a design that works as a fashion accessory much like the jewelry you wear. In fact, some women wear crystal accents on their nails instead of rings and a few celebrities have used real jewels to decorate their nails.
Simple Nail Art
Professional Nail Art 2010
One interesting design that been spotted in some corporate offices is the black and white “pinstripe” design that is striking yet, conservative enough for the boardroom.
Professional Nail Art
Professional Nail Art 2010
For the party scene the colors in this design change to red and white to resemble candy cane stripes. A great pair of hands topped off with a set of beautifully manicured professional nails will bring you compliments and boost your self-confidence.
Beautiful Nails
Professional Nail Art 2010
To keep your hands strong and supple, give yourself an invigorating manicure with nail care products made with citrus ingredients such as orange and lemon oils or extracts.
Amazing Nail Design
Professional Nail Art 2010
This nail therapy is fragrant, providing aromatherapy benefits as well as giving your hands and nails a wonderful vitamin infusion to rehydrate and replenish their beauty.

Lace Wedding Dresses

Brides want to look their best during this important occasion and it's really overwhelming considering the choices available.
Idealistic and comfortable materials are used in different ways to craft numerous designs of wedding bridal veils and wedding dresses. Wedding gowns designed by using chiffon have proved very popular with the bride heading towards one of the exotic venues abroad or on one of the beautiful romantic beaches around the world. The soft flow of the fabric adds magic to a wonderful and romantic picture, with the bride dressed in a wedding gown designed by using chiffon and standing center stage.

Lace is really in fashion at present. The French Leavers Laces are the most trendy and well-accepted laces. This lace variety is imported from France and adds glamour to lace coats, boleros and corseted bodices and adds flair to the fishtail trains, and these laces add glamour and sophisticated look to the wedding gown.

Tulle, which is embroidered, is also very popular and flexible. This lace gives you the elegant look with, shiny sophistication with a slight touch of romantic and dreamy look. This lace comes almost plain, but is often appliquéd with flowers and highlighted with beads, pearls and sequins. These laces are mostly designed in the Far East and therefore, they slightly cost lesser than the French laces. They have there own characteristics and certainly make unique and distinctive wedding gowns.

The Lace wedding dresses are either loved for their feel and romanticism or hated, for their ability to be transported into doily esque frocks. Some brides don't like the 'all too laced' look. Some dresses have a deep V-neck and the laced wedding dress designs fall in a mermaid line and give the bride an hourglass shape.

There are many classic styled wedding dresses and western styled wedding gowns, which are available in affordable prices. For example a beautiful laced wedding gown is an ideal dress for summer or spring. A well-designed and fitted lace bodice can be finely cut to compliment the figure, like a fairy tale dress.

Looking out for something romantic, then go in for a beautiful, romantically designed western wedding gown, which can be excellently cut to enhance the beautiful and elegant female figure. A well designed and cut dress combines unique tapestry and exclusive lace on the bodice and a full eight point skirt, Alencon sleeves which are re-embroidered, hand beaded and sequined neckline with lace and 6" fringe on the skirt and bodice.

So, go head and look flirty and feminine with lace that is one of the biggest trends of the season and showing it off in your wedding dress can create a naughty and sensational feel on the 'D' day. The use of lace accentuates any dress, wedding or not.

From:Karen Lincoln

Coming Up: Part of China Glaze Up & Away Collection

China Glaze was kind enough to send me a little taste of their new spring collection. The colors I got look great! I really feel like spring has come when I look at the bottles. I will swatch these asap so stay tuned for the pictures and review :)

V China Glaze byli tak milí, že mi poslali malou ochutnávku jejich nové kolekce. Barvičky, které vybrali vypadají perfektně! Když tak koukám na lahvičky, mám pocit, že jaro je tu. Brzo je nafotím, tak se těšte na fotky a moje dojmy :)

Grape Pop (Bright plum)
Flyin´High (Teal)
Peachy Keen (Nectar)

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.

long and square pedicure

long and square pedicure
long and square., originally uploaded by I can't help it.

long and square pedicure