Aug 12, 2011

Nail Polish

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nail polish
nail polish
nail polish

Colors are available in various colors and it’s difficult choosing one that will compliment you the most. you’ll probably look best in lighter shades of nail polish with pink undertones. Nail polishes that have blue undertones may also work well with fair skin. Fair skinned women tend to look their best in berry red shades of nail polish with a lighter color for day and more dramatic shade for the evening wearMany color you can choose from nail polish , you’ll want to go lighter with your nail polish color. Those pale, translucent pinks and pale lavenders may be appropriate. Also take into consideration the prevailing color trends in nail color. If pinks are hot, you’ll want to know this before making your selection.

This orange color symbolizes the spirit of cheerful, energetic and have high self confidence. Wearing an orange nail polish is also able to enhance the wearer's mood

Red symbolizes the brave soul. Usually they like the challenge. Red also symbolizes the figure of a strong leader. Woman who loves red nail polish is also the type who wants to be considered by others

Dark colors like black and brown is represented as self-reliance and
toughness of a woman. Women who love black nail polish also want to show the soul masculine and able to compete in the men's.

Violet is the color purple. This color is a symbol of modern woman
loves freedom. Violet color into its constituent colors and cool metal. The element of color shows the figure of an independent and have high self confidence.

nail polish
nail polish
nail polish
nail polish

Bundle Monster Image Plate (BM)

Hi all, I haven't been able to update for the past two weeks bec. typhoon "basyang" damaged our smartbro canopy,leaving us with no internet connection for almost two weeks.. two days of no classes, lots of trees and electrical posts were destroyed. But thank God, everything is ok now..
anyway..These are the bundle monster image plates, I edited them one by one just to make the full design visible. Those who like it and are planning to purchase them... It's a good pick! But one thing I don't like about BM plates, the edges are sharp... I just improvised to lessen the risk of getting cut.. Just take a look at the photo.. At the back side of the image plate, i placed a piece of maskin tape with enough size that would cover the other side of the plate... as simple as that... I think this is the best thing we can do to prevent minor accidents when using the plates.. :)

hope it helps!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Pieces Il Postino

Hi all,

Today I have another polish from Pieces for you. I reviewed three other polishes earlier, but recently I picked up this one. It's called Il Postino and according to Wikipedia, Il Postino means 'the mailman'. This is an Italian movie from 1994 which won an Oscar and several BAFTA's.

pieces nail polish nailpolish il postino red jelly nailswatchesPieces Il Postino, five coats in indirect daylight. Whoa, five coats! Il Postino is a tomato red jelly that still shows some VNL with five coats. I couldn't force myself to add another coat, so I left it at this.

pieces nail polish nailpolish il postino red jelly nailswatchesApplication was alright. The polish has a jelly structure so it's a bit runny, but the brush makes it easy to handle. Opacity.. Well, let's say that's not so good. I personally do not like VNL at all so that's a downside for me. However, I do like the color a lot! I don't own many red jellies.. Now that I think of it, do I even own one other red jelly? I can't think of one!

pieces nail polish nailpolish il postino red jelly nailswatchesDrying time was good, considering the fact that I used five coats. It was dry when I was taking my pictures so that's a big plus!

Pieces nailpolish can be bought at Pieces stores (I bought mine at Pieces Kalverstraat in Amsterdam) for € 2,95 a bottle or € 6,95 for three bottles.

Thanks for stopping by!