Nov 19, 2010

Clearance Flower Girl Dresses

Clearance Flower Girl Dresses

China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong

Hi all!

Have you enjoyed your Queensday? The weather wasn't great but we had a nice day, hope you did too! Today I have China Glaze's Blk-Bila-Bong for you. Blk-Bila-Bong is a part of the 2007 Surf Collection. I managed to get hold of a bottle a couple of months ago and it's about time I show it to you.

China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong, three coats in daylight. Blk-Bila-Bong is a blue or aqua glass flecked black polish. It's a part of the China Glaze surf collection of 2007 and it was the only dark color in this collection, but it is a true stunner. I believe this color is discontinued; it was not easy getting my hands on this polish. The blue/aqua glass fleck makes this a very interesting and pretty shade to look at. I love dark colors, but I rarely wear black because it's just a little too dark for me. The glass fleck in this is truly gorgeous and this is gonna be a new favorite of mine!

Application was good. The first coat went on a little watery, but all was well in two coats. Of course, I have to deal with macro, so I did three to avoid showing VNL. Dyring time was good as well! It dried pretty quickly, considering I applied three coats.

I made a closeup as well, for you to see the blue/aqua glass fleck:

Ain't that gorgeous? What do you think of Blk-Bila-Bong? What's your favorite older China Glaze polish?

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: There's a little contest coming up at Nailswatches somewhere next week! Stay tuned for details :)