Jun 2, 2011

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Zoya Wicked and Wonderful Collection

Happy Columbus Day! I'm glad to have today off so that I can catch up on some of my school work. I already finished some but I'm currently taking a break. And I'm taking a break by writing an entry for my blog haha

Anyways, before I begin. I want to ask you guys to do me a favor. It will only take a few seconds of your time. There's a poll put on the left sidebar. I would really appreciate it if you guys participate in the poll. It would help me a lot. Because if you guys like my pictures under artificial light, it will speed up my postings; since I don't have to wait for sunlight to do swatches. But I don't want to do that in case my readers do not like pictures of swatches under artificial light. Therefore this poll is very important to me. I want to satisfy my readers. Thanks :)

Now today I have for you guys Zoya's Wicked and Wonderful collection for the Fall 2010. I'm glad to finally get to swatched these because these are gorgeous. All 12 of them! Especially the Wicked collection. Again, while everyone is posting their Fire & Ice Collection I'm behind and posting the Wicked and Wonderful collection. I do have the Fire & Ice collection and hopefully I will be swatching those real soon. I finally caught sunlight therefore all pictures are taken under direct sunlight.

Zoya Wicked Collection consists of 6 gorgeous sparkles

Kym - a bronzy red sparkle

Carrie Ann - wow this is a very bright red sparkle. Very sparkly! I love it

Karina - a dark red sparkle. Slightly darker than Carrie Ann.

Cheryl - brown sparkle. This one has a little green in it, can barely tell, but you'll know when you remove the polish.

Julieann - a dark purple shimmer. Picture shows more blue than purple, but we all know how hard it is to capture purples -_-

Edyta - smokey green gray sparkle. Love this one! Such a gorgeous color.

Zoya Wonderful Collection consists of 6 gorgeous cremes

Shawn - an army green creme. I said army because this reminds me of the greens in camouflages.

Cola - a brown red creme. Cola because its a little like coca cola? I don't know but it's definitely brown red.

Kristi - a true red creme. Very bright and vibrant, very sexy!

Burke - a soft mauvey red creme. I can't really describe this color. It definitely reminds me of some type of berry but I can't get my tongue on it. But it's still a nice color.

Stacy - a raspberry red creme.

Kelly - dark gray creme with purple tones. My favorite of the wonderful collection!

All of them were under two coats. Their formula, of course, is absolutely flawless. I love Zoya nail polishes because of their formula and for their forever supply of polishes. There's no need to worry about a polish being discontinued. Zoya you rock!

I love both of the collections. Colors are nice and they match my skin tone! I'm waiting for the day where Zoya have a nail polish named Gladys :D

Well that is all I have for today gotta go back to school work :(

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Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar (Cabana Corals Collection 2010)

No nail polish for you today dear readers. I want to show you a product I fell in love with in the past few days. It is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar, actually my first shimmer brick. I LOVE it! This is part of the spring collection for 2010 called Cabana Corals, which is a limited edition I believe. From the other shimmer bricks I saw in the past I was a bit afraid that it will have too much glitter/frost but no. All you get is just beautiful coral golden shimmer, looks so beautiful on the skin (enlarge the pictures for full detail). Like sunset. You can build up the colors very easily, from a light sheen to more color. What do you think? What is your favourite Shimmer Brick?

Detail of the palette:

Swatches of the colors separetly:

Swatched together: