Apr 8, 2011

Misa Chocolate Icing

Hi all!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Today I have a vampy for you that I got in a swap package from the lovely Linda from Latvia (thanks dear!): Misa Chocolate Icing. Somehow, I'm really into vampies lately. I actually caught myself doing my nails only with vampies last time I was swatching.. But they're so pretty! Anyway, I'm getting carried away.. On to some pics!

Misa Chocolate IcingMisa Chocolate IcingMisa Chocolate IcingMisa Chocolate Icing, three coats in daylight and indirect daylight (last pic). Chocolate Icing is a cherry wood colored polish; brown shimmer that leans very strong towards red in some lights, as you can see in my pics. I actually thought Chocolate Icing would be way more red from all the swatches I have seen, but it doesn't even show red in the bottle.. When there's no direct light hitting the nail, the color in the last pic is most color accurate.

Application was good, as was the drying time. I didn't have any problem with Chocolate Icing and I truly love this shade. I actually think this would make an excellent pedi color as well!

Thanks Linda for sending me all these pretties! ♥

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