May 10, 2011

Readers Requests: Comparisons

Hi all!

There were a couple of people asking for comparisons, so here they are! If you would like to see another comparison, please let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.

opi jade is the new black essence in the jungle essie lilacism illamasqua wink catrice clay-ton my hero essie chinchilly comparison nail polish
All the comparisons lined up on the nailwheel :)

First up, I was asked to do a comparison between Essie Chinchilly and Catrice Clay-ton My Hero.

essie chinchilly clay-ton my hero catrice comparison nail polishLeft Essie Chinchilly, right Catrice Clay-ton My Hero. As you can see, these aren't similar at all. Chinchilly is a khaki creme, while Clayton My Hero is a lighter sort of khaki, almost sandy brown, that holds golden shimmer. These are not dupes.

Next up are Essence In The Jungle (from the Show Your Feet line) and OPI Jade Is The New Black. In The Jungle is supposed to be a dupe for Jade Is The New Black, as I've seen on various boards.

opi jade is the new black green creme essence show your feet in the jungle comparison nail polish Left Essence In The Jungle, Right OPI Jade Is The New Black. The biggest difference is the finish that the polishes have; Jade Is The New Black dries completely smooth and shiny, while In The Jungle dries a bit weird; it's not satin, but it's not shiny either. It looks a bit bumpy, but it's not when you feel the polish. Besides that, In The Jungle is a little bit more blue and less dusty than OPI Jade Is The New Black. These two are not dupes.

Last but not least I have a comparison between Essie Lilacism and Illamasqua Wink for you.

Essie lilacism illamasqua wink lilac creme comparison nail polishLeft Essie Lilacism, right Illamasqua Wink. Wink and Lilacism are really really close and I wouldn't be able to tell you the difference if it wasn't for the fact that I know which polish is on which side. Both are lilac cremes and similar in opacity. This is two coats on both. The application on Wink is better in my opinion though. These are dupes, so if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Illamasqua Wink, I'd recommend getting Essie Lilacism.

A little overview of the comparisons:

opi jade is the new black essence in the jungle essie lilacism illamasqua wink catrice clay-ton my hero essie chinchilly comparison nail polish

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions about these comparisons or if you have a request for one, please let me know :)

Thanks for stopping by!

More about Japanese nail art

Stereoscopic nail art has been popular in Japan since the mid-90s and the style is increasing in popularity in the US and other parts of the world too now.
Japanese Nail Art5
This isn’t your staid French manicure on a sports-length acrylic nail either. We’re talking one to two inches of nail extending past the tip of the finger.


Everytime I have leftover glitter pieces or mylar that I'm too lazy to put away I put them in an extra drawer I have. On these nails I took out all of my "leftovers" and put them randomly onto black acrylic. Soooo fun! I may have to do this more often. You just never know what you're going to get.

This is an opi gel polish design. I layered Happy Anniversary over Russian Navy. I also added little silver glitters for some bling. Everyone loves a little bling!

This client wanted red, white, black and fun. We both have a wild crazy creative side. So this is what we came up with. It is the perfect nail marriage. Thanks for saying, "I do!"

This client told me she's not too crazy about red after I did her nails.... oops my bad. Hopefully she still likes them. I must try harder to remember what each client likes and dislikes.

These are my nails. I didn't do them but hey they are fabulous so I still had to show them off!

On these nails I used xxx white acrylic from Young Nails. No marbling with the white at all which I loved! Anything to make it look like I'm a better nail tech than I really am. I added clear sequins and little clear glitters all over. They are very bling! Love them.

A crazy design for a crazy client what more can I say? LOL

Have I already posted a picture of this same design? I don't know I have done too many nails! I wanted to show the light lavender dots that I have just incase I haven't shown them before. They are from

This is a design I did with gel polish. The flowers are stickers and I painted the polka dots on.

I love a white french manicure with a little surprise... a litte twist.