Mar 20, 2011

Japanese Nail Art

Au revoir french manicures and konichiwa Japanese nail art! You can always count on super kawaii girls – who are definitley ahead of the fashion curve – to continue to push the boundaries in search of bigger and better ways to express their unique fashion sensibilities. The rhinestone-clad, airbrushed nail has been trumped by fingertips piled high with all things cute — candy, fruit, bows, cupcakes, kittens. Just about anything goes, as long as it’s dripping with pinky-sized sweetness.
Eventually trends move west so it is no big surprise that Los Angeles fashionistas be rockin’ their fingertips in the most sexy-fresh ways! A set of pre-fab designs will set you back around $60. A custom pair done in a salon will put you back $100+!!!
My homegirl, Erin’s nails
Super hip Hello Kitty style
Soooo sexy-fresh!