Feb 1, 2011

Orly Gumdrop

Hi all!

The week is in half! Just two more working days till it's weekend. Yay! Today I have a polish for you that I actually wore a while ago. I'm talking about Orly Gumdrop from the Sweet Collection that just came out.

Orly Gumdrop, three coats in daylight with topcoat. Gumdrop is a member of the minty family, but is slightly greener. I really don't know how I can describe this any better. I also have to add that none of my pictures turned out to be true to life. Gumdrop is greener than in the picture, it appears to be a very light blue or so, but it's not.

The structure of this polish is quite thick, but I suppose that's normal for pastels since I've had this issue with all the pastels I've tried so far. The structure of the polish didn't give me trouble, although it applied a little streaky and with bald spots, but all evened out in three coats. The problem was bubbling! Lots and lots of bubbling! I haven't seen anything like it. What a drama! I tried to get rid of the bubbles by using a topcoat, but even the topcoat failed. Too bad, because it's such a lovely color! So, to get rid of the bubbles, I did my new favorite trick to cover up bubbles and smudges; I did a Ruffian inspired mani.

Orly Gumdrop with one coat of Orly Iron Butterfly. Oops, I see I didn't do cleanup with this one.. Sorry about that! I just wanted to show you the lovely color combination. The colors work great together and I like how this turned out. I will defenitely try this again and do a proper mani.

Does anyone of you have the same issues with pastels and bubbling? Is it the polish, or is it me?

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: I will prepare posts in Dutch as well for the next couple of days. I didn't have time to write in two languages. I hope you'll forgive me for that!