Aug 27, 2011

Romantic Wedding Dresses

A romantic wedding gown is always a favorite design because the tight upper body piece makes the body looks slimmer with a big skirt. Even teenagers like wearing this style to their prom occasions. Obviously, this design is very flattering for anyone who would wear it. It is also very feminine when worn.

UniqueTropical Zebra Nail Design

The other day I was wandering around the Fashion Show mall here in Las Vegas, and as I passed by a store creatively called 'The ABC Store' I saw a huge display for a brand called Island Girl Cosmetics. I remembered Michelle of All Lacquered Up mentioned that her friend Christine was excited by them, so after a million times just walking by that store, I finally went in...and man, I'm glad! They had some awesome color changing polishes, some fun glitters (shapes and flakies), and some great and bright colors. Best of all, the normal polishes were only $2.99! For today's nail art, I wanted to show a few of the color changing polishes. I've even included a video (don't mind the silly), of it in action! :)

UniqueTropical Zebra Nail Design

I used Island Girl Color Changing polish in 2006 for the base (it's a shimmery tangerine color that changes to neon yellow), then used Konad Plate m57 to apply Island Girl Color Changing Polish in 2009 (a bright blue that changes to turquoise). Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Wedding Dresses With Sleeves