Sep 30, 2011

Beauty Nail Art Design

Women are itself the stigma and synonym of beauty. Women love the way they are but still they keep improving and adding their beauty through various artificial products. The latest fashion and design in public at large now-a-days is Nail art. Nail art is a creative activity that draws pictures or design nails and therefore it can be said as sense of art. In 1992 Nail art got popularized with the celebrities and nail art products got famous in every cosmetic show room all around the globe. Nail art is the most beautiful and favorite product of girls from teen to older age. Nail art design are getting more popular from TV shows and Pop songs and such nail art products then get demandable around the globe.

Beauty Nail Art Design3Ishi Nail art and accessories is a famous brand for Nail art products. Ishi nail art designs also allow you with the access of free Nail art videos on their webpage. Ishi nail art designs and accessories are for those nail art lovers who die hard for getting their nail polished with beautiful art and design through various nail art products. They really work in the market for giving the best customer satisfaction about the Nail art products and acrylic nail art designs to their regular and new customers. In just a couple of minutes your nail will be more beautiful and designed in the way, it was never before with the decorative acrylic nail art designs from Ishi.

Beauty Nail Art Design1
Beauty Nail Art Design2Nail Art Videos: Nail art Supplies:

Ishi Nail art designs are the best in Nail art supplies as they are committed to supply the latest nail art fashion to the nail art designs and acrylic nail art designs. Ishi Nail art supplies the nail art products like the Nail rhinestone, nail art sticker, acrylic nail gel, fimo nail art, French nail tip, nail art kit, nail care product and many more.
You can also see the usage and applying of all these nail art products via nail art videos on Ishi nail art and accessories homepage. Nail is the beauty of hands and legs and you can see them more realistic and shining with acrylic nail art designs with nail art products of Ishi nail arts. The Nail art videos from Ishi are specially prepared to make people know the Nail art usage and nail art design applications.

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Easy Nails Art Designs

nail art designs
nail art designs
nail art designs
nail polish

simple nails designs idea

Nail art provides a personality in your nails that others will notice and it’s also great in order to do-it-yourself, know how to do nail art, the fundamentals of nail polish, and adding that special touch. For that basic know how to do nail art artist – someone thinking of doing basic designs or otherwise attempting to invest big money, buying nail polish or something like that is recommended, mostly for your small, precise brush that accompanies it. You’ll need regular nail polish having a regular brush in whatever color you want

french manicure
beautiful nails
nail art designs
nail art

easy Nails art

Ensure that you clean your nails before you need to know about how to do nail art thoroughly beforehand, after which apply the bottom coat to all or any of one’s nails. Guarantee the base coat is dry, after which apply the key color you would like about the nail , After letting that dry, develop a perception of what you would like. A great starter art design is an easy flower; one dot inside the center encompassed by five dots of either the identical color or perhaps a different color. Another fun design that folks rave about may be the Zebra print; put one coat of the lighter color on your own fingernail. Watch for that to dry, after which applies stripes halfway throughout the nail from opposite sides along the way down the nail.

nail art designs
acrylic nail art designs
nail art ideas
nail art ideas

Nails designs Pattern

nail art
hello kitty nails
nail art design
nail art


Wow I can't believe I have 100 followers on my blog. SWEET! I want to let everyone know that I am now accepting new clients on weekdays during the day. If you are interested I am located in West Jordan and you can call or text me at 8016523007. To all of my clients out there I just got 6 new colors of opi gel polish with 6 more on the way. The colors are: black cherry chutney, lucky lucky lavender, meet me on the star ferry, yodel me on my cell, the color to watch, and ds radiance. Super cute colors! I also got 12 new glitters from I can't wait to try out all of my new stuff. I am also attending a Young Nails halloween nail art class on Oct. 4th and a Creative Nail Design class on Oct. 18th. Can't wait for more fun new ideas :) More pictures coming soon...

Sep 29, 2011

Models Own Gun Grey

Hi all!

A relatively short post today! I still have to swatch a few of my Models Own polishes, so here's another one for you :)

Models Own Gun GreyModels Own Gun Grey, two coats in daylight. The name really says it all; it's a gun grey polish. In my eyes, it truly looks like a gun grey polish since it has the perfect color for it and the finish is somewhere between metallic and frost. Only two coats for opacity, but one would have been sufficient if I used a thicker coat.

Models Own polishes are not B3F (toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate free) so this polish smells a bit, but application is fine and drying time was perfect. Models Own polishes can be bought at and they do ship internationally, but please keep in mind they have a GBP 30 minimum for purchase.

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Sep 28, 2011

Something Really Pretty..

Hi all!

How are you all doing on this grey and rainy Saturday? I'm still a bit tired from my day with Michelle and Michèle, but it was so worth it! We scored quite a few nice things so I'm sure you'll see them soon on one of our blogs :)

Today I have a polish for you that is a little more expensive than the polish I normally buy, but the minute I saw it in store, I actually already knew I had to have it. I'm not really into these LE's and I don't really get the whole Jade hunt that's been going on (as it sells for over $200 on eBay - yikes!). Anyway, without further ado... I present you: Chanel Nouvelle Vague!

Chanel Nouvelle Vague, three coats in daylight. The first picture isn't really color accurate, that's why I added the second pic. My ringfinger shows the color best. Nouvelle Vague is a pale light blue or turquoise polish with very subtle shimmer. This is three coats, but it would have been good (as in: no VNL or bumps) in two coats. Application was a little tricky since the first coat went on streaky and a little bumpy.

Nouvelle Vague is a part of the latest Chanel LE which also contains Mistral and Rivièra, but I didn't get those because, well, they're pink (and I own too many pinks already). I love love love Nouvelle Vague and I might even end up buying another bottle..

And a little preview from what's coming up at Nailswatches:
The Ciaté Summer Collection 2010.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

And The Winner Is...

Hi all!

So I finally have the results from the nailart contest! It was a close call, even before this extra voting.. After excluding the votes that were not according to the rules, Michelle's peacock mani and Thriszha's puppy design were on shared first place.

After voting in the last two days, it was only one vote in difference.. And I had to exclude some votes (again!) so it was very tight.. The two designs were so close, the winner only has one vote more than the number two. That's what I'd call close!

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you.. The winner of the first Nailswatches nailart contest!

Congratulations Thriszha! I will be contacting you by email for your address.

Thank you all for submitting your designs and voting in these two voting sessions!

Revvvolution Shows Its Holoness!

Hi all!

Eerder heb ik al foto's van Color Club Revvvolution gepost, maar daarop was de holo in de lak niet echt goed te zien. Een tijdje geleden heb ik Revvvolution als full mani gedragen en gelukkig scheen de zon toen!

I posted pics of Color Club Revvvolution earlier, but the pics didn't show the holo in the polish too well. A little while ago, I wore Revvvolution for a full mani and luckily, the sun came out!

Color Club Revvvolution, I believe this was three coats. It shows more holo irl, but that was really hard to capture. In the last picture, there was no direct sunlight hitting the nail.

I already commented on the formula in my other post, so this is it for now :)

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Sep 27, 2011

"Treasures of the Orient"

So my friend from work, Alicia, came over to my house to get some nail art done and she had this idea for the tackiest nails she could think of...with an asian twist. Yes we are both asian, so I helped with a couple of ideas, but she was all over it. "Sushi! Bubble tea! Fortune cookie!..." Funnily enought, most of the ideas ended up being food related. Aw well. So I present to you her "Treasure of the Orient" nails (click on pics to enlarge):

Top hand (left to right)-pinkie: take out food box, ring: noodle bowl with chopsticks, middle: sushi, pointer: fortune cookie.

Bottom hand (left to right)-pointer: pochocco, middle: 2 grains of rice, ring: kikkoman soy sauce package, pinky: strawberry pocky sticks

left: bubble tea, right: school girl

This idea was not meant to be offensive, obviously. We're asian and these are all the things we love about our cultures...only on nails. Hope you enjoyed :)

It Doesn't Get Any Matter Than This!

Hi all!

So today I have something awesome for you! Dear Michèle was so kind to order me a few bottles of ManGlaze as well when she placed her order <3 so I have my first ManGlaze to share with you today! Curious? I thought so! On to the pics..

ManGlaze Matte is Murder, two coats in daylight. This is the best matte black ever! It doesn't get any more matte than this.. Most dark mattes are more of a charcoal or grey color, but this one really is super matte black. This is only two coats and they went on really smoothly without dragging or leaving bald spots.

You know me well enough to know that I can't go by any matte polish without putting some topcoat on it..

ManGlaze Matte is Murder with one coat of Nubar Diamont. Look at it! Isn't this gorgeous? Matte is Murder has a very pretty shimmer in it that makes it also interesting to look at when it's glossy.

See what I mean? This rocks!

This is the best matte polish that I ever tried and I like this even better than my Orly Iron Butterfly - which is definitely in my top 3 polishes. It's super duper matte and very easy to work with so I can't do anything else than love this..

ManGlaze can be purchased at and they also ship outside the US!

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Sep 26, 2011

China Glaze Custom Kicks with Konad

How was your weekend? My todays mani is China Glaze Custom Kicks with golden stamping from plate M78 to coordinate with the golden shimmer in this polish. The color brings back memories of last summer, I wore this color a lot. It has been raining in my country for such a long time now, I need the sun so much .) I run on solar power only!

Rebalance - Natural nails uv gel overlay -design with glitters and acrylic paints.

Dapper Nail Art Designs

Start the year by scouting all the latest manicure tendencies for new shades and also patterns. The dapper nail art designs below will help you find the best print and style that reflects your personality and teaches you how to update your nails to the upcoming color trends that would rock the nail art business. Choose the most flattering shades that match your skin tone and can be easily pierced into an A-list manicure. Watch out for these mesmerizing floral, animal as well as abstract designs that would definitely take you off your feet.

Rebalance- uv gel natural overlay - hand painted design

Sep 24, 2011

Light Blue Creme Comparison

As I promised I bring you a compariosn of my three ligh blue creme polishes:

Ciaté Refresher
Sephora By OPI Havana Dreams
Hard Candy Sky

The OPI one is between the other two in terms of color but the worst in application. You will need about 3 - 4 coats. I think I love the Finger Paints most. So easy to apply, great brush and a beautiful color.

Summer Flower Nail Art for Girls

sun flower nail art
Here is what we got for you this week. A bright and pretty sun flower that will bring summer into your hand.  Do you see the magic that this design create? When all fingers are pulled together it create a center flower. Truly amazing!  This is a twist in the design that we have to admire.  The flowers were created in a 3d style

green flower design gives the impression fresh in summer

Nailart Contest News!

Hi all!

It took me a while, but I finished counting the votes in the nailart contest. Unfortunately, there were a lot of votes that I cannot count for the designs, since the people who voted didn't read the rules. The rules are clear, so it's sad that so many votes can't be counted.

Anyway, I counted the votes and it's unbelievable.. But there are two designs with an equal amount of votes! They tie for first place. So, I had a bit of a dilemma. What should I do? Pick the winner myself? Or something else? I decided to let you vote one day for your favorite design. You can only pick between the two designs in this post! The rules are the same as the rules for the earlier voting: You have to be a public follower of my blog through google friend connect, each follower of my blog can vote one time and you can only vote by leaving your comment with this post.

The two designs with the most votes are:

Thriszha's cute puppy design

Michelle's Peacock Mani

Voting will be possible from now till tomorrow, June 15th 2010 21.00 GMT+01.00.

Remember: these votes decide the winner! Let the voting begin :)

Stripes and Polkadot Design

Stripes, polka dots as well as more abstract designs will set you on the right track when it comes of improving your handiness and skills. Take a closer look at the fab nail art styles and choose the one that keep you on your toes and complements your character. Limit yourself to the simple-to-create prints if you wish to go for the safest option, whereas those who are eager to challenge their skills to a more complicated project will have the chance to experiment with the complex looks. Complete your nail art gallery with these cute examples and have then in mind when preparing for a special event.

 If nail art fascinates you to extremes it's time to step onto the field of becoming a real pro in this modern art. Use your talent, creativity as well as professional tips to combat the manicure disasters and make a real statement with your nails. Regardless of the event you can enhance your nails with a fabulous shade as well as shape and a cute print.