Feb 20, 2011

Flowers on Purple Toes Pedicure Nails Art Design

Flowers on Purple Toes Pedicure Nails Art Design
Flowers on Purple Toes Pedicure Nails Art Design

Long Nails - Back in Vogue

Long nails are back in vogue. Nails are like fashion accessories they change in length along with hem lines.


At times throughout fashion history fingernail length has varied. There are some favorite lengths to include athletic (short), natural (shorter), long nails and every size in between.

Fingernails are often used to make a statement by painting them unusual colors and allowing them to grow extremely long. A favorite style that never goes out of style is the short red fingernails. These types have been popular with celebrities for a long time.

Long Nails - Back in Vogue-4Trends

A trend that has been popular since the nineteen eighties is to lengthen the natural nails by applying artificial ones. Initially this trend was started by applying artificial nails that covered the entirety from the bed to the tip. Over time the methods improved and today just a tip is added to the natural fingernail and then covered with acrylic to keep it from breaking off. These acrylic nails are adorned with rhinestones and other trim, even piercing has enjoyed its share in the spotlight.

Long Nails - Back in Vogue-3Nail shape also seems to follow a trend. In some generations the way to go is with long nails that are filed to almost a point, than the next generation it may be short square fingernails. Rounded ones have also seen their time.

Long Nails - Back in Vogue-2Perfectly manicured nails have also been a huge trend since the nineteen forties. The trend has changed over time as to what is the "in" color which has varied over the ages. The color range runs the gamut of the rainbow from the palest pinks to midnight black.

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Currently the trend is to have long nails either naturally or artificially and to wear the popular French manicure with either a tan or a pink base and white tips.

Airbrushed nails are also very popular and wearing different designs that are air brushed on are also very popular. The tech uses an air brush machine to create designs which are than covered with a top coat of clear polish.

Of all the styles and trends they have gone through it seems that the most popular everlasting style has been long nails that are well groomed on a woman's hand. It just seems to convey a message of well cared for to the world and really puts her best hand forward. There is no better way to pamper yourself.

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