Nov 14, 2010

Hello kitty toes

Hello kitty toe nails
hello kitty toes 2, originally uploaded by the π people.

Hello kitty toe nails

3D beautiful colors and flower toe nail art design

Flowers nail design for toe nails with pastel colors.
SS100287, originally uploaded by miyoko77us.

Flowers nail design for toe nails with pastel colors.

Best tips for proffesional manicure or pedicure

There is nothing better than treating yourself to a proffesional manicure or pedicure,but you can save money by doing it yourself at home.These tips will take your nails from ragged to refined in no time.

French Manicure:
  1. Prepare the nails:Remove old nail polish and file into shape.
  2. Soak the nails:Soak the Nails in warm water to soften the cuticles.
  3. Prepare the cuticle: Gently push the cuticles back using stick.The first time you do this you may have a lot of cuticle. You can remove by applying cuticle remover.
  4. Apply cream: Apply hand cream to the nails and rub them in. Leave for 2-3 minutes and wipe nails with facial tissue to remove excess.
  5. Apply base coat: Apply base coat and leave to dry.
  6. Paint nail: Using a neutral, pale shade that matches the natural color of nail and paint the nails. Leave to dry, wait for 2 minutes then re-apply.
  7. Paint tips: Paint the naturally white tip of the nail with an opaque white or beige polish. In traditional french manicures, this white strip is straight across the nail, however if u let the polish curve with the natural nail then your nails will appear longer.
  8. Finish of With Clear Polish: You will want to finish off the nail with a coat of clear polish.This will protect the nails underneath.
  9. Clean Up Errors: Using an orangewood stick wrapped in a wisp of cotton moistened with remover and clean up any errors arround the nail.
  10. Let them Dry: It will take about 20 minutes to dry and be able to do small things. Wait for a full hour before using your hands.
  11. Now look at your beautiful french manicure nails.