Feb 2, 2011

There is no limit to Nail Art

Try not to look too suprised when you check out this nail art design.  I couldn’t believe that such thing is possible, but here it is in front of our eyes. In this nail art, each finger is treated as a small island, which holds a unique figure.  Only people with a high sense of creativity could come up with such a unique style.

musical nail art design

nail art pink bow

Would anyone help me with a Zoya order?

EDIT: A BIG thank to Laura!!! My polishes are on their way :)

I know I am kind of late, but I don´t want to miss the sale that Zoya has now. But I live in Europe and they only ship in the US :( If any one of you nail polish addicts out there could help me, I would be very happy. The sale ends today at 5PM ET. We can do either a swap or I can pay all the costs by paypal (in dollars of course). If you would like to help me, please drop me a line at allyoudesire.blog@centrum.cz Love you!!!

Funky style Nail art

funky nail art

mix-nail art

Rainbow nail art

Mint leopard nail art

Star nail art

Pink rose nail art

Polka dot nail art