Feb 8, 2011

From The Vault: Zoya Yasmeen

Hi all!

Due to lack of time, I haven't been able to swatch ANYTHING the last one and a half weeks.. So I have something a little older for you. Zoya Yasmeen was one of my latest acquirements and I love it so much. Can you see why?

Zoya Yasmeen, I believe this was three coats. This picture is taken under artificial lighting, but in my opinion this shows you the true color of Yasmeen - my pictures taken by daylight show here way too blue. Yasmeen has a gorgeous shimmer to her, that colors both pink and gold. Stunning! I'm really curious to see how she looks matte.. Why do I think of that just now?? I stamped her with imageplate M21 and China Glaze Millennium.

Application was good, the polish went on smoothly. It did clash with Nubar Diamont though - as you can see it gave me major shrinkage *sigh*. I might try another topcoat to prevent that the next time I wear her :)

I won't be posting in the next couple of days since I will be out all weekend. I will be resuming normal posting on tuesday.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Modest Wedding Dress

Modest Wedding Dress

Getting Started With Nail Art Designs 2010

Getting Started With Nail Art Designs 2010-5

Getting Started With Nail Art Designs 2010

Getting Started With Nail Art Designs 2010-4

A well groomed and well manicured set of nails are an indication of a person’s personality that also reflect their fashion style at the same time. These days, the nail trend and fashion is very much inclined towards the nail art that is stunning and unique in every way. It is provided to make the nail look good and stylish while being healthy at the same time.

Nail Art Design
Getting Started With Nail Art Designs 2010-3

Aside from that, there are numerous fashion conscious ladies that are very much inclined in using nail art just to make their nail look great and not dull and plain looking. Basically, nail art enhances the attractiveness of the nails with its innovation in the shape of stones, glitters, flowers, paintings, stickers, decals and many more. It will enhance the chance of the individual wearing it to shine and stand out in various events.

Nail Art Design
Getting Started With Nail Art Designs 2010-2

Creating a decorative design on your nail is not an easy thing because it requires creativity as well as professionalism especially if you are planning to create a unique design. A greatly done nail art will absolutely make your nail look more stunning and attractive above the rest. It will satisfy you to no ends. Aside from that. it can also be worn to complement your outfit.

Nail Art Design
Getting Started With Nail Art Designs 2010-1

However, nail art will require a major steps that to be followed to get the application perfectly done. For example, you will have to ensure that your cuticles are well-trimmed and shaped before you can start designing. You will also need to avail all the necessary tools and equipment if you intend to create your own ground breaking nail art designs.