Nov 7, 2011

My nails had a vacation...

...and I went with them :) As you might have noticed I haven´t commented under my posts for two weeks nor did I reply to your emails. Sorry for that but I took a short break and went to relax. I thought two weeks is too long without any post from me so before I left I planned some posts for you to be posted automatically. Hope you enjoyed them. Now I am back and I have some pictures for you. This post is just for fun. I want to show you the three nail polishes I had with me. The choice was not easy but I chose these:

China Glaze Pool Party
I just had to take one of the polishes from their new collection. And I have to say that I was surprised how long it stayed pretty. Got a lot of compliments on this one too!

Essie Pink Parka
Although it is from their fall collection I think it is great for summer too! This one turned heads. Looks great with summer skin. Oh and it looked even better with that chocolate cake with ice cream!

Zoya Charla
I knew I want this perfect mermaid color but didn´t know whether to choose OPI Catch me in your net or Zoya Charla (my comparison of these two is here). My friend Day helped me by borrowing the OPI to write a review so I took Charla. I have it on now as I am typing. It will be one week now! and it still looks great. Just like the sea.

Hope you all had a great time too and I am eager to know what polishes you took or will be taking on your vacation! Let me know :)

Celebrities Minx Nails Trends

Love the way your nails look after a manicure, but hate the toxic smell and drying time? Then Minx is for you.
Megan Fox recently donned a set of mirror-like gold Minx for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen premiere and over the past year stars like Beyonce, Pink, Rihanna and Blake Lively have all been spotted wearing these unique nail enhancements.

Unlike traditional lacquer, Minx is a special coating that is heated then adhered to the nail and trimmed to create a custom fit.  What makes Minx special is the various patterns, custom designs and, their most popular product, gold & silver chrome.

Maternity Wedding Dress Styles

Maternity Wedding Dress Styles

A Guide to Maternity Wedding Dress Styles - Learn How to Choose the Right One

There are several maternity wedding dress styles available. Designers understand a pregnant woman's desire to look great on her big day. It's important to choose a dress that looks great on you and feels comfortable. Whether you're planning a formal or informal wedding, read this guide to learn how to choose the perfect dress!

It's important to choose the right maternity dress, and to have a good dressmaker help you prepare for the big day. The biggest question in regards to choosing a maternity wedding dress is "how far along are you going to be on the day of your wedding?" Whether it's in one month or six months, you need to have a tailor or seamstress on hand just in case the dress needs any last minute alterations.

When it comes to bumps, no two women grow exactly the same. You can't predict what your stomach will look like in the upcoming months. Designers are doing whatever they can to make gorgeous wedding gowns. You can look fabulous, no matter how far along you are. All you have to do is know which dresses to avoid.

For starters, stay away from any wedding dress with a tight bodice, as it will only emphasize your middle. Tight dresses are also uncomfortable. However, just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to dress modestly. There are some amazing two piece dresses and short, maternity dresses. A satin strapless top can look great, just as long as you choose an A-line bottom.

Another thing you need to consider is the ceremony. Where are you going to be married? In a church? A formal gown is ideal for a religious ceremony. The beach? A simple, less structured dress is the best choice. An informal indoor wedding? A tea length wedding dress might be a good choice for you. Look over various styles and choose the right one for your wedding.

If you're unsure whether to wear a strapless or strappy gown, think about your maternity bra. Will it look okay with a strapless top? Will you be comfortable with a strapless bra, or do you need more support? If you've gained weight in your arms, you might want to cover them. Bolero jackets look great with strapless gowns. Last but not least, think about the fabrics. Which fabric will you be most comfortable in: lace, silk, satin, chiffon, or cotton?

From James V Lunden