Jun 29, 2011

Celebrity Nail Art Trend

Rihanna’s never been a wallflower, and her love of bold nail colors proves just that. If you want to join the Barbadian beauty in this green movement, paint your digits with Green-wich Village by OPI, a spearmint shade that’s sure to turn heads.

Rihanna with going green color nail art
Pretty in Plum
From Christina Applegate to Lauren Conrad, starlets are sporting shimmering shades of purple on the red carpet. To get this look, try Vernis Please! in Purple by Night, a limited-edition nail color by Givenchy.

Jennifer Lopez: Smoky Pearl

Striking the perfect balance between a trendy metallic and a classic pearl, Barielle Nail Color in Sneak a Peek is a favorite among A-listers like Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively.

Jun 28, 2011

China Glaze Grape Pop (Up & Away Collection 2010)

I am starting to repeat myslef but again here we have a polish that I like very much. This time it is no suprise as it is a beautiful purple. This is a very nice rich purple creme but not as dark as Orly Wild Wisteria. It took just two coats for full opacity and applied so well. What a great way to start the weekend!

Začínám se už opakovat, ale dnes vám znovu ukazuju lak, který se mi moc líbí. Tentokrát to není až tak velké překvapení, protože je to fialka. Krásná krémová fialka. Není ale tak tmavá jako Orly Wild Wisteria. Pro plné krytí stačily dvě vrstvy a nanášel se hladce. Skvělý způsob, jak začít víkend!

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.

Mahendi Henna Tattos Design

Henna is a beautiful, traditional way to experiment with body art without permanently marking your skin. Henna body art, or mehndi, is actually just designs drawn on the skin with henna paste made from dried ground henna leaves and other gentle, natural ingredients. While the best henna tattoos are done by experienced professional mehndi artists, you can do it at home.

face henna tattos

feet henna tatos for girl

henna tatos Arabic

feet henna tattos

Indoor Wedding Dresses

Indoor Wedding Dresses
Indoor Wedding Dresses

Jun 26, 2011

Ivory Wedding Dresses

Ciaté Refresher

I love discovering new (to me) nail polish brands. I am so glad I had the opportunity to try Ciaté polishes. Today I want to show you Refresher, a beautiful light blue creme. I didn´t have such a color in my collection and now I am thinking, how could I? I love it! It looks so clean and pure. And so glossy too (no top coat on the picture, just the polish). Application was ok for me, just be careful not to make too thick coats. I did three coats, but two would be absolutely fine. I think this is a perfect spring color. Can´t wait to decorate it with some Konad!

Oh and did I say how much I love the bottle? I think it is one of the cutest bottles out there (together with Nfu Oh). Can there be something sweeter than a black bow? Love it. You can buy Ciaté polishes here. They are a bit pricey (£9.00 for 13.5ml) but a great way to spoil yourself :) They have some really nice colors! And I think that Refresher is one of them. What about you, do you have any Ciaté polishes? Any must haves?
* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company.

New Gray Nail Polish for Spring 2010

New Gray Nail Polish for Spring 2010
Remember when Chanel tipped us off that they'd be debuting a new nail polish shade at their Spring 2010 runway show?

Well, today they did. And gray is the word for spring.

Fall 2009's must have shade, Jade, was designed by Chanel creative director Peter Philips to accent the sea green highlight tone in their Fall tweed.

And this putty-ish shade (According to Style.com, its name is Particulière) is similarly complementary, acting as a smart accessory to the mainly monotone beige, gray, ivory and black nubby weaves in the Spring show. And it offers and edgy counterpoint to the tattoos Philips designed for the show.

The shade, which commenters are sounding off on at All Lacquered Up, appears to be a purple based gray that's a hair paler and purpler than Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic - one of the polishes at the forefront of the gray manicure movement back in Fall 2008 - and cements the dark nails trend that emerged in New York and remained consistent in London, Milan and now Paris.

Jun 25, 2011

Halloween Nail Art

Though you can match the Halloween nail art designs according to your Halloween costume, but certain designs work well with most types of costumes. Jack-O-Lantern, ghosts, vampire, scary witch, witch's cap or broomstick, skulls and bones, black cats and bats and a variety of designs can be used for painting the nails during Halloween. Try something scary and eerie, something that will sends chills down the spine. Since black is the color of darkness, so it would be a good idea to paint your nails in black and then paint these spooky creatures with white acrylic or any color that stands out.

Looking for simple Halloween nail art ideas? Well, those of you who like it simple can try the easy Halloween nail art designs. You can simply apply two coats of black nail polish and add glitter to them. Making cobwebs is also one of the simple nail art designs. Painting some of these spooky creatures might not be that easy, but having them painted on your nails will help in giving you the complete Halloween look. You can either paint the same spooky creature on all the fingernails or paint different creatures on each nail.

Dark creatures and eerie images look fantastic when embedded into a traditional and fab Halloween nail art. Why not adapt to the atmosphere of this holiday if you have the chance to dress up your manicure into the most stylish holiday nail trends.

Illamasqua Nail Quills

I present to you Illamasqua's luxury, hand-made, bespoke nail quills...

Oh my god. I'm sorry, I almost fainted there. Seriously. I've heard of stilletto, I've seen edge...but quill? So original! I'm dying. As someone who does nails, I WANT THEM SO BAD!!! So beautiful. Do I really have to say more?

Jun 24, 2011

Beautiful Red Toe Art Design 2010

Beautiful Red Toe Art Design 2010
Beautiful Red Toe Art Design 2010

Essie Decadent Diva

Hi all!

How are you doing today? The working week is in half and I believe there's a ton of sunshine on the way in the weekend (25 C this weekend!) so that's something to look forward to! I'm feeling a little better than I felt yesterday and monday, but still not the old me.. It should be fine in a couple of days though. Anyway, today I have one of my latest acquisitions for you: Essie Decadent Diva! I made this post a long one, so beware ;)

Essie Decadent DivaEssie Decadent Diva, three coats in daylight. Decadent Diva is a gorgeous brown shimmer. In my opinion, this is a true stunner. The shimmer in Decacent Diva is a lighter sort of brown and cherry colored, which makes it look like it glows on your nails. I love it!

Decadent Diva is a part of the 2007 Essie Glamour Girl Collection and is in my opinion by far the best color in this collection. I bought this polish without being sure that I would like it, but I sure do.

Application was a bit tricky since the structure of the polish is a bit watery at first, but all evens out in two coats. I did three because of the macro settings on my camera. Drying time was alright, not too quick even though I waited a bit between coats.

Since the polish had a glowy vibe over it, it was screaming "Mattify me!", so of course, I did.

Essie Decadent Diva Essie Matte About YouEssie Decadent Diva with a coat of Essie Matte About You in daylight. Essie MAY makes Decadent Diva look purely matte, without it looking flat. I actually really like this..

But of course, making this polish matte wasn't enough.. I had to stamp something on it! I decided to use one of my new Bundle Monster plates that I got in just a couple of days ago.

Essie Decadent Diva Essie Matte About You Bundle Monster plate BM15Essie Decadent Diva with one coat of Essie MAY, stamped with China Glaze Millennium and Bundle Monster plate BM15. Whew, that's a whole lot! I LOVE this image! I didn't notice it when I was ordering, but I saw it when I got the plates in.. Look at the details of the tail of the peacock! Isn't that amazing? Let's see it closeup:

Essie Decadent Diva Essie Matte About You Bundle Monster plate M15Whoa, I think I found a new favorite stamping image! Millennium makes a great contrast between the base color and the image. Yes, this combination is a winner for me!

What do you think of Essie Decadent Diva - Do you like her more when she's shiny or when she's matte? And what do you think of the Bundle Monster image? Do you own them yourself?

Thanks for stopping by!

Nail Art for People with Short Nails

For short nails, it is very necessary that you choose the right design that can be spaced out appropriately on your nails. The design should be simple and you should try not to add a lot of embellishments or it may end up looking cluttered and untidy.

The rest of my "creepy" nails

Hey everyone! Haha, I just have to laugh about all the responses I got on my "creepy" nail. Lol. Just to clear the air, I'm in a nails course and the only way for me to get practice doing things like that crazy nail is by practicing on myself (since most people I know have the same reaction you guys did!) But hey, I'm a creative gal and I won't lie, the shape is definitely growing on me and I rock my 2 stiletto nails like you wouldn't believe. But just so you guys know, I don't plan on losing an eye over it all, so I did the rest of my nails and just wanted to show you guys...

My bro's wedding is on Sunday and I wanted to have something different for the big day :)
Oh and just a little news. I got a call today about that job...I got it! So I'm about to become a working woman again. I don't know if I remember what that's like ;) Thanks to all of you for all the good luck wishes! I think that must be how I got it!

Jun 23, 2011

Party Nail Art 2010

When you are getting ready for a night of club-hopping or going to a friendly house party, your dress won’t be the only thing on display. You can bet your party nails will be in the spotlight as well. Red is a great nail color for evening wear in clothes and as a party nails style. If you are planning to wear red satin party dress or one that has a satin band or bow, a shimmery red nail lacquer with a slightly blue undertone looks simply amazing.
Party Nail Art
Party Nail Art 2010
Metallic party nail styles are popular, with silver being used more than gold. If you are wearing silver shoes, silver party nails are a great choice. Iridescent pearl nail lacquer is a very feminine look especially when paired with pearl jewelry.
Party Nail Art Design
Party Nail Art 2010
If you simply adore gold, but want a more subtle look that pure gold color, using a gold glitter top coat can add the touch of magic you want. This party nail style works with almost any base coat color and because it’s has a transparent base it doesn’t mask the color; it simply gives it more shine and star power. The other benefit is that it helps your manicure last longer.
Fancy French manicures such as the angled chevron design in two contrasting colors can make a little black dress stand out from the crowd and you can steal the show in the party nail fashion show with creative use of crystals or nail art decals to top off your manicure.

Zoya Fire & Ice (Flame) Collection

Hi! I know I haven't post in awhile. I was sick for the past week and I'm finally feeling better. Still coughing and voice is still rasping but other than that I'm good. So forgive me :)

So anyways, today I have Zoya's new Fire & Ice Collection, which recently the collection's name was changed to Flame collection. This collection consists of 6 gorgeous colors with a foil like finish.

All pictures were taken under artificial light.

Tiffany a soft peachy copper shimmer

Gloria is a rosey pink shimmer

Crystal is a turquoise blue with gold flecks

Lisa is a red shimmer with reddish flecks

Sarah a magenta shimmer with red and pink flecks

Valerie is a plum purple with light purple flecks

Overall this collection is stunning. I loved all six shades, but my favorite has to be Crystal. I love how the orangey/gold/copper flecks work with the turquoise. Very unique color. Formula was the typical Zoya formaul, smooth and perfect in every way. All were under two coats.

And that's all I have for today!

Jun 22, 2011

Flowers with gradation toe nail art designs

Flowers with gradation toe nail art designs
gradation toes, originally uploaded by miyoko77us.

Flowers with gradation toe nail art designs

Zoya Happi (Reverie Collection 2010)

I really like the greenish gold flashes this polish has, but VNL after three coats? Too bad...now I don´t know what to do with it. Guess I will keep it :)

Moc se mi líbí zeleno zlaté odlesky, které tenhle lak hází, ale prosvítá i po třech vrstvách :( Teď nevím, jestli si ho nechat nebo ne, ale asi mu ještě dám šanci :)

Jun 21, 2011

OPI All That Razz-Berry

Beautiful shade, crappy pictures. A dear friend of mine sent me this shade to try. It is a discontinued color from The OPI Chicago Collection, 2005. I really loved it, but couldn´t do very nice pictures. I really need spring! As you can see, I have VNL, that was two coats. Three would have been better. Very nice juicy color!

Krásný odstín, příšerné fotky. Tenhle odstín jsem mohla vyzkoušet díky jedné moc hodné kamarádce. Je z OPI Chicago kolekce z roku 2005 a už se těžko shání. Strašně moc se mi zalíbil, jen se mi nepovedlo udělat hezké fotky. Už aby tady bylo jaro! Jak je vidět, trošku mi lak prosvítá, mám dvě vrtsvy, takže tři by určitě byly lepší. Opravdu krásná šťavnatá barvička!

Sally Hansen Mint Sprint

Mint Sprint is from the new collection for spring 2010. It is a mint green creme. I did a little comparison for you with Orly Gumdrop, which is more lighter and more on the blue side. I was really surprised about the brush, which is flat and wide so it was a bit hard to work. Which one do you like more? :)

Mint Sprint je z nové jarní kolekce pro rok 2010 a veze se po módní vlně podobných barviček. Udělala jsem pro vás srovnání s Orly Gumdrp, který je ale světlejší a trošku víc domodra. Byla jsem docela překvapená štětečkem, který je tlustý a široký, takže se s ním trošku hůř pracovalo. Tak který se vám líbí víc? :)

Sally Hansen Mint Sprint versus Orly Gumdrop