Feb 5, 2011

Four New Sally Hansen for Fall 2010

Today I have four new Sally Hansen polishes for the Fall. I only chose the four that appealed to me most. And I'm loving all of them.

Evening Fog is a nude beige with gray undertones. Can safely say this is a greige but it's more beige than gray

Golden Ticket is a orange copper glitter. This one is my favorite. It was fully opaque in 2 coats but I did 3 for more depth

Sequin Scandal is a dark murky olive green shimmer. It's close to brown without sunlight but I love the shimmer

Fedora is a tan creme with silver flecks of silver shimmer. You can barely tell there's silver shimmer on the nail, but it's noticeable on the bottle

The application for these were good, not bad. I had a little problem with Fedora because the brush was a little mess up but other than that its fine.

So that's all I have for today!

Nfu Oh 63

I wear this polish when I am in the mood for a light pink but don´t want it to be too much boring :) This is a super holo! It shines so much, I think my camera was scared of it and didn´t capture its full beauty. I have it for some time now and everytime I wear it, I say to myself, that I have to buy the other Nfu Ohs too. And then I always forget to do so...


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