Jun 6, 2011

Sexy Painted Toes

Sexy painted toe nails
Sexy Sherry Toes, originally uploaded by cjacobs53.

Sexy painted toe nails

Long Happy Lives (Longevity)

Hi all, This coming Friday is my big day,I don't have a particular wish for my b-day.. As long as I'm happy together with my family of course, I am contented. My NOTD, has something to it with my title "Long Happy Lives". In my design, it means Longevity in Chinese... I love doing designs with touch of Asian cultures... ☻
By the way, I received a package which came from my 2 co-blogger Thriszha and Anastacia. You guys are so sweet.. Thank you very much for the advanced birthday gift! I really appreciate it! Love the m48 "card" konad i.p that's one of my lemming i.p from konad.
And thanks so much Anastacia, love the TFS stamp kit which is not avail here. Thanks Guys.. :)
I love everything that you sent me!

Romantic Wedding Dresses

What Are Romantic Wedding Gowns?

When women dream of their wedding day, they always dream that they will wear romantic wedding gowns. Well, a wedding day is indeed very romantic and the bride will surely want something romantic to wear. So, what does a romantic wedding gown look like? They are based on an older style of dresses and have a vintage style sometimes.

Flattering Style

A romantic wedding gown is always a favorite design because the tight upper body piece makes the body looks slimmer with a big skirt. Even teenagers like wearing this style to their prom occasions. Obviously, this design is very flattering for anyone who would wear it. It is also very feminine when worn.

A romantic wedding gown always seems to look like a fairy tale wedding gown because of the puffiness of the full skirt that is floor length. Some styles will have full sleeves and fitted sleeves on the elbows. There are many designs to choose from with the romantic wedding dress. Some designs will opt for a plain top with a very fancy skirt, while some will have a heavily beaded or accented top with a plain skirt. You can be more familiar with this look by looking through romantic era books and you will see how flattering and feminine this design is.

Rich Assortment Of Suitable Accessories

The effect hat this dress brings is sort of dramatic because of the many accents and accessories on the dress. It could sometimes look over the top because of the rich accents but really, it is simply wonderful. It will also look better if you wear a headpiece, like a frothy veil or long trailing veil or even a tiara will be great. Choosing a headpiece will really depend on you. A headpiece made of flowers will also add a romantic style to your whole look.

Beautiful Fabrics Can Be Used

A romantic wedding gown can be made from many fabrics like lace, satin, chiffon, velvet, silk and organza. You can ask some expert opinion from designers on what type of fabric you can mix and match along with your accents like buttons, flowers, beading, ribbons, crystals and embroidery. You can add anything you like on your wedding gown since that is what you will be wearing on your wedding day. You can be as elaborate as possible. To add some romantic feeling in your wedding, you can set up your wedding looking like the romantic era. Your guests will surely enjoy this.

Jewel is what is described to a bride wearing a romantic wedding gown on her wedding. The romantic wedding dress fits all wedding settings and themes, it also makes the bride look very slender and like a princess. Your wedding day will surely be memorable.

From:Scott Nichols