Jan 16, 2011

Wedding Gown Preservation

How to Plan For Your Wedding Gown Preservation

Planning for your wedding gown preservation takes work on your part. When the wedding is over, your job will be to get your gown clean and preserved. The cost of preserving wedding dresses may vary depending on several factors. When you understand the process of repairing, cleaning, preserving and storing of your dress, you'll be better able to make the best decision for your wedding gown preservation.
Wedding Gown Preservation
Depending on what you are planning on doing with your wedding dress will depend on the type of cleaning and/or preservation you will need. However getting it cleaned is important whether you plan to keep your wedding dress or sell it on eBay or CraigsList.

Why do you need to clean your wedding gown? Everyone, especially brides under stress perspire. Your wedding gown, from your first fitting through your reception, is subjected to deodorant, perfumes and sweat. The day of the wedding will bring extra dirt from the train dragging around the floor during the ceremony, sitting at the and just walking around. Wedding dress cleaning is crucial to the preservation of your gown. The faster this cleaning takes place the better chance you have of the stains not "setting in" the fabric.

Wedding Gown Preservation
First before the gown is cleaned it shouls be carefully looked at by a seamstress. Any missing beads should be tied off or replaced and any damage to the hemline or other parts on the dress should be repaired before the gown is cleaned. Most good cleaning facilities will not clean your gown until these repairs are made.

You will discover various options for having your wedding gown cleaned. If you decide to choose a local dry cleaner, ask who actually do the cleaning of the gown. You don't want your wedding gown leaned with other people's clothing. some local dry cleaners send the dresses out to a national company that specializes in wedding gown cleaning. This is your best option, because most local dry cleaners don't have the right equipment and space for the proper cleaning and care of your gown.

Next question you need to answer is where are you going to store your wedding gown after the wedding? The best solution for your gown is in a cardboard box. It is better to have the gown lain down and relaxed lying in a box. The very best is to gently wrap it in acid free tissue paper and folded it neatly to fit in a special acid-free box. You don't want to hang the dress, some gowns can weigh as much as 20 pounds and even if you use a hanger that is padded, over the years the stress of the weight on the fabric will take it's toll.

Wedding Gown Preservation
Do not store your wedding gown in a plastic bag. The petroleum can react with the gown. When storing your dress you will want to store it away from excessive heat in an attic and basement.

The cost of wedding gown preservation may be as high as $300.00. Some gowns that are covered with intricate bead work, embroidery and lace require special care in the cleaning process. Shop around locally and online. Ask questions about the cleaning and preservation process. If you have a good knowledge it will help you make the best choice for preserving your gown, you never know your gown may someday be worn by your daughter or granddaughter.

From:Erlene Clifton


I recently attended a Young Nails Imagination Nail Art Class. It was amazing! The class was taught by owner Greg Salo. This is a picture of me with him. If you are a nail tech you have to find out how you can attend a Young Nails class. They are awesome and Greg is too much fun..... they are the shit!

These are some amazing nails done by Krizia. She is a Young Nails educator and she is amazing!

I actually had a dream about these nails before I did them. Sometimes I get little nail art ideas going in my head and it is so nice when I have a fabulous client that will let me just get it out of my system. It was actually a relief to finally do these nails so I could quit thinking about them. I'm crazy I know. The cool zebra confetti on the middle finger is from youngnails.com. I created the snake skin using into you netting from young nails also.

These may be the craziest nails I have ever done. I used a glitter from sparklesnailproducts.com in All Mixed Up.

These are last chance nails. Let me explain.... these are my sister-in-laws nails and she will be having a baby in two days. So I did her nails today and she did my hair. Who knows when she'll have time to get her nails done again with a newborn. Hopefully it will be a good baby and sleep lots so mom can still pamper herself. :)

These are my nails. I don't do my own nails because I like to spoil myself but I wanted to show off how cute they are!

This color is from young nails metallic collection. I added little silver diamonds as an accent.

This is gel polish on toes with some fun silver stars. I absolutely love the gel polish on toes. It doesn't chip! The gel polish lasts on toes for an average of 4-5 weeks. Love it!

Another simple design with silver circles as an accent. Sometimes simple is fabulous darling!