Oct 23, 2011



Two nail lacquers are included in the Liberty of London collection: Blue India, a teal-ish blue shade; and Vestral White, a creamy milky white hue. I haven't tried either of these, but the Blue India nail lacquer looks fantastic, and the packaging is beyond cute.

OPI Absolutely Alice (Alice In Wonderland Collection 2010)

I am posting this just in case someone just dropped from space and never seen swatches of it before. I really didn´t have a nice time swatching it. I have the mini version and I just hate the brushes they have! It was so hard to apply (and to get off..). Really not a fan of this polish although I know a lot of you love it :)

Pro případ, že někdo zrovna spadnul z vesmíru a ještě neviděl fotky tohoto laku...Já jsem si to s ním teda vůbec neužila. Měla jsem ho v mini verzi a ty štětečky, který tam jsou, úplně nesnáším! Vůbec se s ním nedalo pracovat, navíc lak je docela hustý. Fanynka tohoto laku teda určitě nejsem, ikdyž vím, že spousta z vás ho má moc ráda :)

Corset Wedding Dresses

Semi Formal Dresses

Semi Formal Dresses
The best thing about wearing semi formal dresses is that you can use them in just about any type of occasion. Semi formal dresses or attires can be used while attending to a meeting at work or even in the most solemn receptions of a wedding. It may be just a formal skirt along with a plain top, or a petite-looking cocktail dress. The possibilities of mixing and matching your clothes are endless with semi formal wear.

Semi Formal Dresses
Often likened to the "dress down policy" that was introduced a few years back, wearing comfortable dresses had allowed a lot of men and women to feel very much comfortable in what they wear. This is regardless of the occasion and the theme of the event.

Semi Formal Dresses
A lot of dress boutiques have slowly incorporated the designs of dresses in their own products. Women love the freedom brought about by these dresses, as it allows them to choose just about any length of dress or pair any skirt with an acceptable top. The material used for such designs are also unlimited, allowing women to enjoy using the likes of denim and cotton when selecting their dresses.
Semi Formal Dresses
While there are also semi formal attires made with high quality fabric such as silk and chiffon, women who prefer simpler wardrobes can simply select the more common types of fabric. Another advantage of wearing a semi formal dress is the versatility of the dress. Aside from being able to wear it anywhere and at any time, this is perfect for those events when you are not exactly sure what to wear. Instead of deciding whether to wear something formal or something casual, the idea of these dresses allows you to fuse formality and casualness in a stunning design. You won't have to feel overdressed for the occasion, and at the same time not worry about being underdressed.

From:Carol Haskins