Dec 2, 2010

Hawaiian Designs

Hawaii reminds us of the glorious beaches and Hula dancers dressed in colorful flowers. This theme can also be applied to nail art designs. However, these designs are not very simple. These are suited for those who have a good hand at painting. If you have a skillful hand, you could paint beaches, waves, surfers and Hula dancers on the nails. For those of you who cannot manage to paint these complicated pictures, you could still bring Hawaii on your nails by painting bright flower rings and garlands of your finger nails. You could even paint figures of people in black and then adorn them with colorful flower tiaras and garlands.

hawaiian nail art design

hawaiian hibiscus

blue hawaiian nail art

Models Own Magenta Divine

Hi all!

How are you all today? Are you as tired as I am after only two days of work? I feel like I ran a marathon or something! Anyway, today I have Models Own Magenta Divine for you.

Models Own Magenta Divine, three coats in daylight. Magenta Divine is a clear based magenta glitter. Woah, glitter! It has been a while since I wore this kind of glitter.. Pretty though! Application was fine, I find that glitters have some kind of manual for application. I want the glitters evenly divided on my nails and sometimes glitter just sticks together. I didn't have that issue with this one though!

In the same range as Magenta Divine, there's Emerald City. I own Emerald City as well, so I'll try to swatch it somewhere later this week. I find myself really busy since I started working more, so I can't do my nails as often as I'd like. All will be fine though, I'm sure! I just have to find some kind of rhythm and balance in my life :)

Thanks for stopping by!