Jan 6, 2012

Beautiful Japanese Nail Art Design

There is little doubt that Japan, as a fashion community is ranked about the very top. It is a country where fashion is unique, creative, stylish and advanced. This statement extends to nail art. Let's take a look at some of the interesting characteristics of Japanese Nail Art.

Japanese Nail Art
Beautiful Japanese Nail Art Design-3
Regardless of the different opinions, the culture has spread even to the US. One of the main characteristics of Japanese nail art is its extreme length. They are at least 2 inches in length and have been regarded to be impractical. Can you imagine trying to go about performing your daily jobs such as typing and eating?

Japanese Nail Art
Beautiful Japanese Nail Art Design-2

However, if you think that Japanese nail art is impractical, think again because the Japanese have gone as far as to create accessories for wearers of these 2 inch nail extensions to assist them in performing a myriad of tasks. As an example, there have been gloves for golfers wearing these extensions which actually means allowing space for the extensions one way or another.

Japanese Nail Art
Beautiful Japanese Nail Art Design-1

Regardless of the differing opinions, there should be a common denominator where most would likely agree upon and that is the creativity and skill of these artists. Using acrylic nail chips, the most common techniques would be hand painting and airbrushing to create 2D designs and even 3D designs by incorporating other accessories such as jewelry, charms and sculpture powder.
I personally find Japanese nail art very intriguing and fascinating. It has been introduced in the US albeit a little slow. Do you have what it takes to adorn them?
Photos by gnsk (photo 1), Pink Rocker (photo 3) and iwillnotsuccumb (photo 2)


...is so colorful! Just look at the colors, makes you want them as nail polish :) Looks like nail polish is getting on my brain.

...je tak barevný! Člověk by všechny ty barvičky chtěl jako laky na nehty :) Už mi hrabe...