Jan 10, 2011

Getting Your First Pedicure

When I first decided that I wanted to get a pedicure I had no idea what to expect. I had never had a pedicure, and I didn't really know what they were like or what I should bring. What I did know was that was getting a pedicure done professionally will be a much better experience than if you were to try and give a pedicure at home with a pedicure set.
When you go into the beauty salon for your pedicure, you should make sure that you bring a pair of sandals or similar shoes with you and also some entertainment. I usually bring a magazine but you might want to bring a book or newspaper. You should also probably bring with you your own nail polish so that when you want to top up your pedicure in the future you will have exactly the same colour available to you.

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Vintage Flower NOTD + Color It Red NailArt Contest

Hi all! It's a wonderful sunny Saturday! We woke up early this morning, went over to my parents' house, then just drove around all morning... I was inspired by the nice view, I felt relaxed and comfortable. Here's the mani I made, vintage flower, I love the color of this, usually I'm into abstract design, but now I'm inlove with this vintage flower I made. I also noticed that my nails grew in length faster, it's only been a month since I cut it down.. Anyway, hope you like my NOTD! Have a great weekend! God Bless!

And here's my entry for Rina Alcantara "COLOR IT RED" nail art contest you can choose 3 of your fav entry.. You can also vote for me if you like.. thanks so much in advance..
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I enjoyed doing my entry, eventhough it took a lot of time to make, I got my idea from traditional chinese dress... while I was browsing the net, I stumbled upon a picture of early chinese community which gave me that certain idea.. The chinese character in the middle of my nail means "happiness"..
My second entry is "Chameleon Ring" inspired design..
Hope you like them!