Nov 21, 2011

CLOSED The First Nailart Contest at Nailswatches! CLOSED

Hi all!

Well I told you about a contest a couple of days ago, so here it is! I’m launching Nailswatches first Nailart Contest *yay*! I wanted to do some sort of general theme, so I decided not to choose a too specific theme for this contest. The idea of “nailart” as a theme was not enough though.

I decided to do an Animal theme. Think cats, dogs, elephants, sea life and bugs like ants; fluffy animals and scary ones. Everything is allowed! As long as your manicure contains something that relates to animals, you’re good to go :) You can use Konad, you can freehand and you may use nailart items such as studs, glitters and stripingtape; as long as it’s nailart.

The rules are as follows:
- You can submit a maximum of two entries per person. You can email your entries to with your name and (if you want) additional info like what you used for your design. Your entries have not been showed on any blog, forum or other source on the internet (I want to show your creations for the first time so please keep them to yourself!). I keep the entries private till I put them on my blog for the voting.

- You do your design(s) on your hand and nails. Entries with pictures made of designs on nailwheels or popsticks (ie not on your own nails) will not qualify.

- You have to follow the theme.

- This contest is open to anyone that lives on planet Earth.

- I will take entries till May 22nd 11.59 GMT +01.00. Later that week, I will put the pictures on my blog, so you can vote your winner. Entering for this contest is now closed.

Yes, you read this correctly, YOU vote the winner. I will install rules for the voting though and I will keep a close eye on the votes that each person gets every day.

And now; the prize! One lucky winner will win the following prizes:

What's in the picture?
- Konad Stamping polish in Black and White, as well as Konad topcoat.
- Konad scraper and small stamper, as well as a plastic scraper (because I think it works better than the metallic one)
- Imageplates M63 and M79, my favorite two plates!
- Lime green Ice Chips from Dollarnailart
I might add some more goodies in the next couple of weeks. All of the prizes are brand new and never opened.

Thanks for joining in the contest, I hope you will enjoy it! Feel free to spread the word about this contest through Twitter, forums or your blog :)

China Glaze Awakening Halloween Collection

So today I have another Halloween collection for you guys. China Glaze's Awakening Collection.

I liked this collection! Especially Ick-A-Bod-Y! That's seems to be the most purchased one because it's like sold out almost every e-tailer.

Zombie Zest is a swampy green jelly with flecks of glitters and shimmer. This was done in 2 coats, could've used a third. Looks a bit sheer on me. But I got lazy xD

Mummy May I? is a dark vampy purple base with purple glitters. The base looks black but if looked at closely it's really purple! Not to mention, the name is so freakin' cute!

Ick-A-Bod-Y is a brownish green base packed with copper glitters.

And yes, SpaRitual's Opitcal Illusion is a dupe for Zombie Zest. I prefer China Glaze, just saying..

The formulas were nice. Though Ick-A-Bod-Y annoyed me a little. It kept 'balding' so I had some trouble. But all I needed was a little a patience between each coat. I tend to apply my polishes quite fast.

Well that's all I have for today. Gotta go back to the Yankees game :)

Trend Nail Art Stickers

Getting dressed up is something most women enjoy with doing your makeup, hair and nails being somewhat of a ritual before going out. So it's no surprise that nail art stickers are a popular product as they can enhance your look for the night.

Trend Nail Art Stickers03One of the contributing factors of the nail art decals trend are celebrities. With their eye catching nails spread all over magazines it's no wonder others are following them. Considering it is very simply to apply nail stickers, it can be somewhat surprising by their eye catching results. If you become stuck when it comes to applying you nail decals, try using the internet maybe even YouTube. You should be able to find helpful instruction and even maybe a step by step video to help you. If you are still struggling why not visit a beauty parlour and let the professionals help. You will find most beauty parlours offer this kind of nail service because it has become so popular.

Trend Nail Art Stickers02Nail art has especially become popular among teenagers and kids. While parents often dread the latest fashion trends as it can burn a hole in their pocket, this trend of nail stickers is a much cheaper trend. Not only does it come cheaply, but is also something fun that mothers and daughters can do together. While the kids have fun using nail art, it's not surprising that a lot of adults also are huge fans of it.

Trend Nail Art Stickers01 Why not use the internet and find yourself some fantastic deals on nail stickers, but be warned designing your new nails can become addictive.

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