Nov 27, 2011

Orly Enchanted Forest

Hi all!

It's weekend again!! What are your plans? Today I have a gorgeous polish for you once again: Orly Enchanted Forest. This is, like Pixie Dust, a part of the Once Upon A Time Collection. I have taken lots of pics and it took me quite some time to narrow it down to these five. You know now that I like to post a lot of pics, right? Here we go!

Orly Enchanted Forest, two coats in different lightings. Oh man, this is one hell of a forest green creme! It's so hot. It's one of those dark greens that don't look black. I really think Orly is one of those brands that don't get the love they deserve, like some brands have polishes that don't get the right amount of love. I really love those Orly polishes. I haven't found an Orly polish that I didn't like yet. Back to Enchanted Forest. This incredibly pretty green polish is so shiny, it doesn't even need topcoat! I can see my own reflection in the polish lol. I love this so much. Application on this one was very good. The polish was not too thick or too thin, just good. Drying time was quick so I really don't have any complaints on this one! It actually has a bonus.. The cute little butterfly charm! I didn't get all the charms of the Once Upon a Time collection, but I think they're so cute.

What do you think or Enchanted Forest? Are there polishes or brands that should get more love? Tell me about it!

I wish you all a great weekend.

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