Apr 23, 2011

I am back...did you miss me? :)

Hello, my dear readers! I am back from my two weeks long vacation. I am sure a lot of you din´t even see I was away because I had some posts that posted automatically, hope you liked them :) I really missed you all any my nail polish and now I am all ready to blog again. So you will get your regular dose of pictures starting tommorow. I still didn´t catch up news from the polish world so feel free to let me know what is new in the comments bellow. I have no nail pictures from you today, I just want to show you some Pilgrim jewelery I got myself  :)

Zdravím všechny čtenáře! Už jsem zpátky ze své čtrnáctidenní dovolené. Spousta z vás si možná ani nevšimla, že jsem pryč. Měla jsem pro vás naplánované automatické příspěvky, doufám, že se vám líbily :) Moc jste mi všichni chyběli, taky my chyběly moje laky a blogování, na které se moc těším. Dnes žádné nehtíky nebudou, jen se jdu pochlubit s Pilgrim bižuterií, co jsem si přivezla :)

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection

Hi all! Today I finally have the China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection to show. During my weeks of swatching there was absolutely no sun at all, therefore all pictures were taken under artificial light (which I pretty much prefer since its most color accurate)

I'm so glad to finally swatch fall collections because I'm loving all the fall colors as I'm a little "sick" of the summer colors. As we all know that's just temporary xD

On with the swatches!

Swing Baby - a silver/gold shimmer with foil finish. Very bling like

Riveter Rouge - a strong golden red shimmer

Midnight Mission - dark blue shimmer, has silver flecks

Jitterbug - a light charcoal silver foil. Has a little blue and a little purple in it. But mostly silver.

Ingrid - chocolatey taupe with silver flecks of shimmer. LOVE

Hey Doll - a bronzey brown shimmer

Goin' My Way - golden brown shimmer. A little close to bronze but more brown toned.

Foxy - a fire red bronze shimmer

First Class Ticket - dark purple shimmer. Picture shows a little more blue than purple.

Emerald Fitzgerald - a dark green/teal shimmer

Classic Camel - mustardy beige with golden shimmers. LOVE

Bogie - a sort of an eggplant purple metallic ish.

I love this collection. The colors are great for fall. And their formula was good. Some were a little leaky but not too much. My favorite is Classic Camel and Ingrid.

I'm looking forward to their 'Tis the Season to be Naughty And Nice collection. Though not much colors interest me there. I need to see more swatches before I'm convinced to buy the whole collection. Though I'm really interested in that peppermint cuticle oil. I might even buy two sets just so I can get that peppermint oil lol

Well that's all I have for today. I have a few hours to spare before I head to class, time to relax :) Enjoy your Sunday guys! And for those who have Columbus Day off, enjoy that as well!

CND Fall/Winter 2010 Preview

I love the new CND line. Most of all the Effect polishes which I showed you here. But there was a color I was missing. CND is filling that gap with their new collection and I am so excited about it. Let´s have a look at it:

Night Factory
The Look: Fall/Winter 2010

CND’s limited edition duo of Urban Oasis, a spruce crème Colour and Teal Sparkle, a bluish green Effect creates a chic, day-to-night denim manicure.

Don´t they just look gorgeous? What are your thoughts? Are you also looking forward to this collection?