Apr 28, 2011

Nicole by OPI Holiday Magic Collection

I have the Nicole by OPI Holiday Magic Collection for the 2010 holiday to show you today! The collection consists of four colors, two shimmers, and two glitters.

I know that Thanksgiving Day is not even here yet, but I'm really in the holiday spirit. Christmas is my favorite holiday of all times.

Bring On the Tinsel is a clear base with silver glitter as its main glitter and green, red, blue glitters mixed with it. Very pretty and very sparkly. And I love things that sparkle :)

Spark My Mistletoe is a clear base with red glitter and octagon shaped like glitters

Stuck In The Chimney is a chutney red shimmer with a very teeny tiny slight hint of gold

Index and Ring: Bring on the Tinsel over Stuck In a Chimney
Middle and Pinky: Spark My Mistletoe over Stuck In A Chimney

Kiss Me at Midnight is a dark cherry wood red shimmer

Index and Ring: Bring on the Tinsel over Kiss me at midnight
Middle and Pinky: Spark my mistletoe over kiss me at midnight

Spark My Mistletoe really brings out the red shimmer in Kiss Me At Midnight. Gorgeous!

My favorites are Kiss Me At Midnight and Bring On the Tinsel!

The formula for these were excellent. Had no problems with them at all. The two shimmers took only two coats to be fully opaque. As for the glitters, it took 3 coats. Application applied smoothly, no streaks no fuss.

Which ones do you like? Will you be getting these?

(These were sent to me for review)

Snow Nail Art Designs

You need a shiny metallic shade of nail polish which would serve as the base coat. Take white acrylic paint and by using a thin brush paint a dot on the nail. From this dot, paint 8 lines or spikes, extending from the dot in a circular fashion. Where the spikes end, draw two more spikes, something like one spike branching into another. So you will have a snow flake. You can also paint half snowflakes on the edges of the nails, and to give it a more attractive look, you could also paint one of the snowflakes in blue. In case you do not have metallic nail polish, you could even use blue acrylic paint for the basal coat. However, you will have to use white paint for the snowflakes.
snow nail art design

snow nail art 2

snow flake

snow man nail art design

Givenchy Pschitt Lemon

My first experience with a Givenchy polish. This is a great summer shade for those of you who don´t mind sheer polishes. On the pictures are four coats and there is still VNL. I am not very happy about this polish, nothing for me. Considering the price (17 dollars for 5,5ml!) I think it is not wort it.