May 22, 2011

DECK OF NAILS! *nail art foil*

Hi all! Just a quick post for my nail Foil Notd, yay the mailman surprised me this morning... My printed nail art foil arrived sooner than I expected! Thank you very much enamelgirl ... you are so sweet! I love them all! You better check out her blog.. She's very creative, the first time that I saw her foil design, I was so amazed. She's very good in making nail foil design...
I immediately tried it once it arrived.

Here are some pictures I got from her blog, look how perfect and pretty the way she does her nail foil design...

My Naked Nails! =)
Materials Used:
thefaceshop yellow yl 702
konad m70 image plate
black special polish
thefaceshop top coat

And here's my cousin's nail art Criz which I made.. Not only girls can wear nail art... boys also can.. Hehehe
Materials Used:
allue "black night out"
white special polish
bm 17, bm13,bm07 "bundle monster" i.p
b116,b52 "fauxnad" i.p

b52,b53 "bundle monster"i.p
bm13,b116 "fauxnad" i.p

Perfect Fashion 2010 Prom Nail Designs

Perfect Fashion 2010 Prom Nail Designs

2010 Prom Nail Designs

The prom time is the perfect time for people to showcase their fashion likes and dislikes and to experiment a little. For example in addition to their style of dress many ladies experiment with their nail designs. During prom many people try designs that they might not ordinary wear. Many ladies like airbrushed designs. They can get designs in various colors. For instance some ladies like a basic nail and then a colorful design or designs on their nails. The colors generally are supposed to match their dress or the outfit of their date or it might simply be their favorite color. The idea is simply to have a little fun.
2010 Prom Nail Art Design
Perfect Fashion 2010 Prom Nail Designs
Colorful nail designs are very common during prom time. Some people use multiple colors to help get their design across. Decals and rhinestones are also great prom nail designs and can help the nails really stand out. Individuals want to make sure that their nails are unique and that they draw attention. Some ladies might have nail designs, decals and glitter all on one nail. Some people get painted nail designs to help capture the moment.
2010 Prom Nail Art Design Idea
Perfect Fashion 2010 Prom Nail Designs
This is another great option and the nails can be painted to match the dress. Nail decals are also a good additional option. Most nail places either offer decals or can tell clients how to get decals. It may also be a good idea for some ladies to take their own polish if it perfectly matches their dress. Prom time is designed to be colorful and carefree and the nail designs are no different.