Mar 17, 2011

Animal Designs Nail Art

Tiger, Zebra and Dalmatian designs are quite popular among the animal nail art designs. For the tiger skin nail design, apply a yellow acrylic basal coat. Apply it twice for a thicker and better finish. Then apply smudges of orange color on the nail at different areas. After it dries paint thick zig zag lines using black acrylic paint. The zig zag pattern should be thick at the base and tapering towards the other end. And the patterns must be in alternating fashion. Thich means, if one base is thick, the stripe next to it should be tapering and so on. For a Zebra design, you could do the same by applying white acrylic paint as the basal coat and then paint stripes of black. The stripes of Zebra are not like the Tiger, so paint thinner ones. Have some stripes in one direction and some in the other to make it look like Zebra stripes. You could even add some glitter to make it look more attractive. To create a Dalmatian design, just paint smudges of black paint on a white base.

zebra nail art design

tiger nail art design

bee nail art design

butterflies nail art design

leopard nail art design

slag nail art design
goose nail art design

zebra nail polish

Anything Goes and RAOK from Joan

Hi all, haven't been able to update my blog now adays.. Just finished reviewing my son Jaem with his lessons for his monthly exam, and tomorrow I will attend a PTA meeting for his report card. I'm very excited...
Btw, last week, Thriszha of "Fab Ur Nails" and I ( ART OF NAIL ) hosted a Nail Art Challenge on Facebook ( originally by PHD ). We combined the name of our blog, you can visit our new account on facebook "FAB NAIL ARTS", you can visit it by clicking fab nail arts on the left side of my blog... Our last week's theme is Anything Goes... Here's my entry, for our 1st challenge... You can also join, for this week's challenge, the theme is Floral.. You can e-mail your entry to

And last but not the least.. I received a package recently that came from my dear friend Joan.. Thank you very much sis...Look how sweet and thoughtful she is, she gave me a very cute Tweety Bird nail polish, some ceramic nail art flower, and a souvenir item which she bought in Boracay..
Boracay is the most visited tourist spot here in our country.. Again sis thank you...