Mar 31, 2011

Urban Decay Cult with Fauxnad

I have only three Urban Decay polishes but Cult is my favourite. It is such a special color! Hope I didn´t ruin it much with the fauxnad :) I have two exams tomorrow, so I have to study all day (and think of a polish to wear). Hope you have a nice Sunday.

Zatím mám jen tři Urban Decay laky, Cult je ale můj nejoblíbenější. Je to tak výjimečný odstín! Doufám teda, že jsem mu razítkováním neubrala na kráse. Zítra mám dvě zkoušky, tak se musím celý den učit (a přemýšlet o laku, který si vezmu). Užijte si neděli!

Pink Zebra Toe Nails Pedicure

Pink Zebra Toe Nails Pedicure Nail Design
Mike's Feet 731, originally uploaded by BarefootMike.

Pink Zebra Toe Nails Pedicure Nail Design

Mar 30, 2011

Dresses for Formal

Formal Dresses For Formal Event

Formal dresses are the particular kind of clothing that is the most appropriate for events such as weddings, dinners or even a dance. They can differ from country to country, and culture to culture. Different countries and cultures have different standards of clothing for formal events, and they may differ in terms of the kind of dress that is worn, the color, size and even motifs on the material.

When it comes to events, there are also several degrees of formality. In very formal events, the kind of formal dresses that are to be worn is different to those that are to be worn in moderately formal events. In the West, most hosts inform their guests the dress code of the particular event.

The dress codes can be categorized into black tie or formal, white tie or ultra-formal, black tie optional, creative black tie, semi-formal or after five, cocktail attire, festive attire, dressy casual and casual. Men in the West usually wear a tuxedo and a tie in very formal events. Formal dresses for women would be long or short cocktails, or long evening dresses depending on the event. Generally, in very formal events, women wear long evening gowns for dinner, day gowns for the daytime, and ball gowns for dances. It is customary for men to wear tuxedos with or without a tie. Black or white is the official color in the West, depending on whether the event is a black tie or a white tie event.

Formal dresses in the East differ from that of the West. For example, the Sari is worn by women in mostly in the Indian subcontinent. In other parts of the world, a formal dress worn by men and women is even more diverse. For instance, the Dashiki is worn by West African males, and the Bunad by both men and women of Norway. All regions of the world have a particular dress code for formal events. Sometimes, they differ by their very features, sometimes, by even their color.

Despite all the differences in their respective features, formal dresses are only reserved for very formal events in all countries of the world. In most parts of the world, the dress code of different events is strictly conformed to. Observing the dress codes not only reflect one's culture, it can also reflect one's personality, and attitude toward dressing in general.

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Mar 28, 2011

Nail art design ideas picture

Every woman is different, and just like each of us have our own personalities and styles, our preferences for nail designs are different, too. Whether you like a subtle, feminine design, or something bold and outrageous, these nail design galleries can help you with new ideas for your nails. You might also want inspiration for a special occasion, like prom, a wedding, a holiday, or a fun party look.

Mar 27, 2011

Rich and Exclusive Nail Art Supplies to Decorate Your Nails

Fashion trends change from time to time and there is no end to the innovative nail art designs and accessories that are used to beautify nails. Every woman is fascinated by the latest in fashion and wants to keep up with what's in style. The overwhelming supplies that one can find in nail decorations have caught the fancy of the younger generation where teenagers are crazy about the art.

Most young women love to get their nail art done professionally through nail salons or nail technicians. A nail tech or nail salon can give your nails the much needed make over and jazz up your nails with their expertise. The variety in nail art today is very impressive and is used abundantly in nail salons to enhance the overall look of the nails of their clients.

Rich and Exclusive Nail Art Supplies to Decorate Your Nails-2Nail art is also greatly used for bridal purposes. Specially designed nails are a luxury and if you can spend a little extra you might even get real diamonds in your nails too. As the wings of creativity expand, newer supplies and more intricate things are used by the nail artists. Sky is the limit to your imagination as far as nail art is concerned. It is truly an art and it involves a lot of concentration and creativity which adds more zing to your nails.

Finding the right supplier may not be an easy task especially when you need to buy high quality nail art supplies in bulk at wholesale rates. A little research on the Internet can help you shortlist genuine and reputed suppliers who manufacture and supply high quality yet affordable gel nails, nail care accessories and nail art. Some of them also offer great discounts on bulk purchases and you can greatly benefit from such deals and save money.

You may also find some real exclusive nail decoration pieces that may not be available in physical stores. The Fimo Fruit Sticks or the Fimo Art Sticks are a new addition in nail art and are easy to use and stick on the nail. These are available in over 50 unique designs and colors to suit the tastes and styles of all. Not only are these an extraordinary way to decorate your nails but are also affordable and available for as low as $2.50.

Rich and Exclusive Nail Art Supplies to Decorate Your Nails-1These can be an ideal buy for nail salons, nail technicians and even nail schools for quick and easy application without any mess. You can now delight your clients with the fruity touch of Fimo Fruit or impress them with other fashion nail accessories like 3D flowers, 3D stickers, ceramic animals or even rhinestone embellishments.

You can find unique and exclusive nail art that can be easily bought online from the comfort of your home. Online shopping of supplies helps you access a wider range of latest accessories and nail products and what could be more convenient than shopping for these online and saving your time to travel to a store.

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Mar 26, 2011

Gallery of French Manicure Design

Bright color french manicure design

Fancy french manicure design

french manicure design

french manicure design with lilac decoration

french manicure gel and solar nail

hearth of french manicure design

perfect french manicure design

pink nail classic french manicure design

polkadot french manicure design

Pretty Blue Konad Nail Design For Toes

konad blue for toe nails
Funtastic nail painting on toes with Konad Nail Design pretty nail art picture

Source Flickr

Beautiful Creative Nail Art

airbrush nail art, creative nail design

Mar 25, 2011


My client here found an amazing inspirational picture on the internet. This is our version of it. Very colorful and fun!

Light spring colors topped off with a little meeeooow!

If you look closely you can see I did an abstract light blue and brown background. Then I added the 3d flowers and some little 3d pearl dots. All of my nails are done with acrylic.

This is opi gel polish in "I'm india mood for love". I added a 3d cupcake. Yum!

Another set of nails that reflect my love of purple and stars.

Just a super cute idea that I stole from another nail tech. Sometimes other people's ideas are just so good that you can't resist!

Mar 24, 2011

Simple Nail Art that looks cute

This simple nail art design was created using two colors (black and blue). Instead of the regular french tip, the artist created give it a tilted angle.  The small dots add extra texture to the black color.  This is certainly something that you could do on your own, from the comfort of your home