Apr 24, 2011

Oleg Cassini Wedding Dresses

What Makes Oleg Cassini Wedding Dresses Be Trendsetters?

Six new styles from Oleg Cassini are released at the very beginning of 2010 summer. This young artist has made several fabulous trend statements before. However, the new tide stirred up by her summer wedding gown collection still surprises all of us. Nobody can deny this young artist is an excellent trendsetter. Never have we found she compromised on the style and quality. She and the brand named by her own name pop out in the fashion industry all the time.

The wedding gown is a tangible touch of a bride' s attitude and approach to life. Oleg Cassini always makes new trends on these special dresses because she brings girls' dreamy moment into reality with visible & glamorous dresses. Pretty colors and luxurious fabrics create charming looks. She enables everybody to perceive the happiness on the wedding.

Oleg Cassini recognized new expectations from modern girls. It' s a reality today' s girls have stronger appetites for luxury. Attire, handbags, shoes, etc on them are found to be branded. They never stop expecting new tastes. This designer applies more modish ideas and colors on her new editions. This summer, white is still popular. However, Oleg Cassini also finds special charm on blue, purple, ivory and champagne. Unique colors bring out fresh & classy looks stunningly.

Of course, designer wedding gowns are expensive. They are unaffordable for most people. You will never see original bridal wears from Oleg Cassini are sold on less than $1000 in a local store. However, in spite of this, most girls still find easier accesses to these luxuries. Keep an open eye to the fashion industry; you will find branded bridal wears are sold on much cheaper prices online. Think for minutes before breaking the wallet to buy an Oleg Cassini wedding gown. There are really other ways to get one of ornate piece from that talented artist without costing too much.

From:Connie Mohatta

China Glaze Light As Air with Konad

Just a quick post about my todays mani. I used plate M50. I am really starting to like it and it has become one of my favourites :) The black polish is Color Club Black again. What do you think?

Jen vám sem rychle hodím moje dnešní nehtíky. Opět jsme použila destičku M50, kterou jsem si moc oblíbila a zařadila ji mezi favority :) 4erný lak je opět Color Club Black. Tak co myslíte?