Nov 18, 2010

Essie Midnight Cami (+ Konad)

I expected this shade to look better. In the bottle you can see shimmer but not on the nail where it looks almost cream. The application was also hard as the first coat was a bit runny but the second evened it. This polish looks almost black so I added some stamping to make the mani a bit more interesting. The design is from plate M53 and I used China Glaze Adore.

Od tohoto laku jsem očekávala trošku víc. V lahvičce jsou vidět krásné odlesky, ale nalakovaný vypadá téměř krémově. Aplikace taky žádná sláva, v první vrstvě byl řídký a až druhou kryl. Lak vypadá skoro černý, tak jsem ho trošku oživila razítkama. Motiv je z destičky M53 a lak je China Glaze Adore.

Clearance Flower Girl Dresses

Clearance Flower Girl Dresses

Japannes Nail Art Design

           Silver Glitter Skullz Japan Nail Art

5 Dollar SPECIAL- Silver Glitter Skullz Japan Nail Art
These are glittery nails with black detailed skull prints and skulls with tiny black hearts. A classic Japanese combination- cute and scary at the same time. 
One of the things that I like the most from Japan is “nail art”. They really make lovely stuff in the nails.
If you like nail art and you’re not in Japan, nowadays there are many beauty salons that offer it

          Sweet Dreams Kawaii Japan Nail Art

Sweet Dreams Kawaii Japan Nail Art 
Here is a set of "hime gyaru" (Princess style) press-on nails from Japan. Very cute- pink base with hearts, rhinestones, pearls...all thing kawaii on one set of nails!

Nail art has become a big fashion item for Japanese women (and some men) over the last few years.

Elaborately painted and sculptured nails complete with flowery rhinestones and lacy stick-ons (known as nail chips) are popular with the teenagers in Shibuya, at graduation ceremonies and weddings.