Jan 27, 2011

NailArt Challenge and MORE!

Hi all, For this week's challenge, our theme is Animal Print..
Most of the time, we only see it on fashionable dresses and coats, bags, shoes, and sometimes as wall decors (don't get me wrong... I'm also an advocate of "Crusades against cruelty to animals".) This time why don't we try it on our nails..
We want you to create your Animal Print Design... If you are an animal, what would you be? Try to paint your answer on your nails! Have fun! Submit your entries to fabnailarts@yahoo.com
700x400 pixel Good Luck!

And here's the mani I made to inspire you.. I named it "Blue Gradient Zebra" ..

Here's my entry on our Autumn Nail Art Challenge last week..
Click HERE if you want to see all who Participated..

And my Outer Space Nails I made!
outer space nails different shot
Natural Light
Materials Used:
"black galaxy" nail polish
sally hansen "hidden treasure"
bobbie "aqua"
bobbie "jade"
bobbie "blue flash"
bobbie "weng weng"
caronia "dare"
image plate : c05,m27
for stamping: china glaze millenium,metallic muse,robotika,hi-tek,2030 and sci-fi
Direct Sunlight
With Flash

Variation Of Nail Art Design For Your Fashion Today

All you really have to do is to keep your eyes wide open and ears tuned and you will notice that the fashion industry has been creating waves where nail art is concerned. With the demand for stylish designs on the increase, the industry has witnessed a huge influx of salons, artists, techniques and accessories.
Nail Art Fashion
Variation Of Nail Art Design For Your Fashion Today
Among the main reason for this fashion craze is that in addition to being able to allow wearers display their creativity and stylish fashion-sense, beautiful nails are said to be able to enhance the grace and beauty of the hands in itself. It is a common fact that nail art designs require the nails to be trimmed, cleaned and the likes which also reflect upon the wearer's personal hygiene.
Nail Art Fashion
Variation Of Nail Art Design For Your Fashion Today
For the countless nail art designers, nails are regarded as mini-canvases for them to create their masterpieces. Often than not, these men and women ply their trade in expensive nail salons and parlors offering intricate, complex and out-of-the-world nail designs. They are often known to use two of the best known techniques to create the designs known airbrushing and hand painting. Along with the two are a myriad of effects, foils, tapes and gemstones. These professional nail designers' services do not come at cheap price and often charged by individual nails. The rate depends on the designer's reputation, technique and experience.
Nail Art Fashion
Variation Of Nail Art Design For Your Fashion Today
Nail art is definitely a fashion craze that is here to stay. After all, its variation can be traced back to ancient roots many centuries ago.