Jun 17, 2011

Misa What I Like About You Collection

Hi lovelies! Today I have Misa's What I Like About You Collection for the Fall 2010. The collection consists of six new colors that's perfect for the Fall.

Spinning Out of Control is a blurple shimmer. Leans more towards the purple side.

Quirky Smile is a teal shimmer

Like It Like That is a bright metallic grimmer shimmer with slight weak blue duochrome

It's You! is a deep gray with slight hints of green and pink duochrome

When U Say My Name is a deep brown shimmer

Perfect Kiss is a magenta shimmer. Sorry for yellowiness, as this picture was taken as the sun was about to set!

These were very well pigmented and was opaque in 2 coats. As for the formula, they were better than their usual polishes. Misa's polishes tends to be on the thick side, however these weren't as thick as they use to be. I didn't have much problems applying these.

Although the colors didn't really amaze me much, my favorites are It's You! and Quirky Smile. All the other ones didn't really catch my breath. And to be honest none of the colors are unique in anyway, except for maybe It's You!.

I didn't get the Spark My Interest collection because well... because it didn't really spark my interest! Haha sorry I just had to say that. Well that's all I have for today!

Marine Life Nail Art Designs

For marine life designs, you would require blue acrylic paint and a bit of white acrylic paint for the base coat. Apply transparent varnish onto the blue sea-like coat and then paint tiny fish on the nails. Using green paint, you could draw thin weeds through which the fish are swimming around. A slight touch of a darker shade of green along with the green on the weeds, would give it natural look. A few pebbles can be painted at the base with brown and white paint. Apart from the fish design, you could even consider painting star fish and tiny seahorses on the nails. Whales and dolphins are other good options.
marine nail art design

the blue sea nail art
fishes manicure