Jan 14, 2012

Toe Nail Art

Since fashion is a form of art, it does require imagination, creativity, and some art skills. Just like with the latest fashion statement of today - nail art.

Nail art is now one of the most famous fashion styles nowadays because it is easy to carry, easy to do, and easy to remove in case fashion trends change.

If you are inspired to do even more artistic work, try random lines and create a somewhat abstract pattern. You can use a toothpick to create random lines upon application of a single coat.

pretty in pink hot

toe nail polish
toe nail art

ManGlaze Week Day 3: Nail Art with Matte-Astrophe

Today I have some nail art for you. I started with China Glaze Joy as a base and then layered with Color Club Wild and Willing. This polish is really special, just look at the effect. Then I stamped with China Glaze Joy and image plate M63. At the end I put Matte-Astrophy. This time it didn´t cracle. How do you like this? :)

Dnes pro vás mám nějaký ten nail art. Jako základ jsem použila China Glaze Joy a na něj jsem dala jednu vrstvu Color Club Wild and Willing. Tenhle lak je opravdu výjimečný, jen se podívejte na to, jaký dělá efekt. Dneska jsem ale řádila ještě víc a orazítkovala zase China Glaze Joy a destičkou M63. Nakonec jsem ještě přidala Matte-Astrophy, který tentokrát nepopraskal. Jak se vám to líbí?

+ Konad plate M63

+ ManGlaze Matte-Astrophe