Sep 18, 2011

My nails #15: Alice in Wonderland

Hi everyone! Ok, so a while ago I did some movie inspired nails (iron man) and then ended up ignoring the whole movie idea. So I thought I'd try another movie themed set: Alice in Wonderland. I did a set of Alice themed nails for a class project I had while in my nail tech program, but only on a set of tips to be handed in. I thought, why haven't I sported these yet? So I finally found the time to do a set for myself. Here was the outcome (click to enlarge):

So here's a question for you guys. What do you guys think of 3d nail art? Do you like it or not? Would you sport it yourself, or leave it up to others to wear? Are you someone who gets their nails done or are you a nail tech yourself. Let's call this question-assault research. I have always enjoyed being able to play up my nails and since I don't work in a professional industry, like a doctor or lawyer, I've always kind of gone all out on them, even before I was doing it for myself or others. But now that I'm not close to downtown and live in a more reserved neighborhood (they like their french manicures and red toes where I live) I wonder how many people would actually sport this trend themselves.

Thanks for any input guys! Talk soon :)

China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong (Surf Collection 2007)

I love this shade. Now my story could just end there, but it is not so easy. I don´t like two things about this polish. The first is the fact that it needs three coats but for the color no problem, I can handle that. The second problem is what bugs me. TIPWEAR! After one day I have to take it off :( Do you have the same problem? But still that doesn´t prevent me from loving this shade so much. Lovely blue shimmer in a black base.

MAC Ombre Blush Duo in Azalea Blossom

With my growing nail polish obssesion, I tend to buy very little makeup, but I couldn´t resist this beauty :) This is from the Spring Colour Forecast Collection. It constists of two colors that merge into each other - cool pink and soft purple. When you mix these two the result is very pretty. You can apply this in a very thin layer or build the color up. It has a very light shimmer, which you can see on the detail picture. The shimmer is not very visible on the skin, you just get the glow :) I really like it.

S rostoucí posedlostí lakama na nehty si už skoro nekupuju novou kosmetiku, ale téhle tvářence jsem nemohla odolat. Je z letošní jarní Colour Forecast kolekce. Prolínají se v ní dvě barvy - studená růžová a jemná fialka. Když se tyhle dvě barvičky smíchají, výsledný efekt je moc pěkný. S tvářenkou se dobře pracuje a tak se dá nanést ve velmi jemné vrstvě nebo v silnější. Obsahuje velmi jemné třpytečky, jsou vidět na detailní fotce. Na kůži ale vidět nejsou, jen hezky rozjasní :) Moc se mi líbí.