Jan 13, 2011

Color Club Power Play

Another neon polish from Color Club and another dissapointment :( I did three coats and as you can see there is still VNL. Oh and I thought I would at least love the color, but it looked strange on me.

Další neonový lak od Color Club a další zklamání :( Trpělivost jsem tentokrát měla jen na tři vrstvy a přesto ještě prosvítal. Myslela jsem, že alespoň barvička se mi bude líbit, ale nějak jsme si nesedli. Necítila jsem se v ní.

Nail Art Rising in Europe 2010

Nail Art Rising in Europe 2010
After celebrities including Rihanna were spotted wearing elaborate nail art on the red carpet and following reports in various beauty media outlets, this phenomenon previously associated with Japanese beauty trends, European beauty fairs such as the Mondial Spa & Beauté in Paris are now including nail art in their programs.
Longer, 1980s-inspired nails appeared on several runways this season (and Gareth Pugh's show even featured small chains on acrylic nails), and judging from beauty fairs' lineups, nail art usually reserved for the likes of the Tokyo Nail Expo is preparing to enter the mainstream.
For the first time this year, Paris-based Mondial Spa & Beauté (opening March 13) will run an exhibition for nail art and organize a nail art contest under the motto Glam & Rock. Professionals will be invited to take part in the competition, offering their false nail creations live on stage in front of a trade audience.
There will also be a special presentation by nail artist Luc Tuison (of ABC Nailstore), who will introduce the 'stiletto nail,' a technique to make hands look leaner through longer nails, similar to the effect stilettos have on legs.
Other trends dealt with at the event include the medical spa (a fusion between beauty spa and medical practice), sustainable products, LED light in anti-aging, and caramel waxing.

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