Feb 28, 2011

Color Club Gossip Column (Rebel Debutante Collection 2010)

I love Color Club polishes, but the Rebel Debutante Collection was nothing for me. I didn´t like the colors much :( The same with this polish. I am not sure about the color, I don´t feel myself in it. But what I loved about this one was the application. So if you like colors like this, get it and you won´t regret :)

Autumn Nails Entry

Hi all, just a quick post,I recently joined in Konad Addict nail art contest, here's my entry, you can vote for your fav entry, you can also vote for me if you like... ^.^ I joined because I like Chez-Delaney I only have one image plate.. I thought my entry will not be counted, It was my past mani... before I cut my nails short.. =) Hope you like it! God Bless
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with flash
inside without flash

Feb 27, 2011

Nail Dangles, Latest Trend in Nail Art 2011

Splendour of nails is no more restricted to just a covering of your desired nail color. It has departed further than that conservative decorating to contain fresh approach and designs such as the exercise of nail dangles.
The most excellent method to beautify your nails with dangles is by piercing which permits you to bore a hole in your nail and put the ring. For this you must initially bore a hole through the bottom of the nail so that you recognize merely the nail piece is being pierced. You have to twirl the tool back and forth in order to create an opening and once it’s done you can tenderly place in one end of the ring into the opening and shut it.
cute nail dangles

pink color of nail dangles

nail dangles

nail dangles 2
It is significant to place a topcoat polish where the ends of the ring assemble in order to strengthen it more. Piercing your nails doesn’t harm and this absolutely adds extra durability and reduces the danger of your nail dangle coming apart anytime and everywhere. So next time you make a decision to attempt out somewhat distinctive with your nails, do decide on for nail dangles that will certainly add a fascinating gleam and make them rise up anywhere you go.

Unique Nail Art Design

Unique Nail Art Design
Unique Nail Art Designunique nail art with 3d texture

Nails have been used to make a fashion statement for a long time in the past. Ever since then the years have flown by and even today nails are used to make a fashion statement. This fact about nail consciousness takes us to the ancient Egyptian civilization where Cleopatra tinted her nails, fingertips and even the palms and hands with henna. She followed this practice to ward off evil spirits and also in the name of fashion. More evidence to support the fact is borne by the elaborate sets of solid gold manicure implements found in the Egyptian tombs.

Calebrities BlackNail Art

Calebrities BlackNail Art-2
Calebrities BlackNail Art-1celebrities black nail art. image by ana cruz

Feb 26, 2011

OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

Hi all!

How are you all doing? I hope you're doing better than I am.. I've been sick since sunday and I've been in bed most of the time to recover, but it didn't help as much as I wish it would have.. I'm trying to get back to daily posts, but I hope you can understand that my health is not playing along.

Today I have a nice and dusty color for you: OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui! Suzi Says Feng Shui is part of the 2010 Hong Kong Collection that was released earlier this year.

OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, two coats in daylight. Suzi Says Feng Shui is a dusty mudium blue creme. I love dusties, so this one is no exception!

Application was great. The polish was exactly the right structure for me; not too thick or too thin. I'm really getting used to the ProWide brush so I guess that helps a lot as well! Drying time was good since the polish dried quickly after application.

This was all for now, dear reader. I wish you all a very nice day and thanks for stopping by!

Feb 25, 2011

Free Hand Sun Flower Nail Art

Lighten yourself up with this gorgeous looking nail design. Black ground with bright yellow flowers and green leaves on top.  The two ring nails are fully covered with black polish, while the rest of the nails has a french style black tips.  Each design has a short trail of dotted white line, creating a unique looking stem of the flower. This is a pretty cool design for the summer.  No one can resist this attraction!

Feb 24, 2011

Purple Cremes - Comparison

Funny to think that I didn´t have a single purple creme until this spring and now I have six :) So I wanted to share them with you and show you a little comparison from the lightest to the darkest. I have to say, I love them all and use them often...alone or as a base for layering. And don´t ask me to choose a favourite, I wouldn´t know. What about you and purple cremes? Any color that I don´t have and is so special I should? Let me know :)

From the left: China Glaze Light As Air, Orly Lollipop, Eyeko Lilac Polish, Illamasqua Jo´Mina, China Glaze Grape Pop, Orly Wild Wisteria

Feb 23, 2011

Bloody Manicure And World Blood Donor Day

Hi all!

A little while ago, I saw an awesome mani on MUA that I liked so much, that I wanted to do it myself. I gave it a show last week, and this is the result!

Bloody manicure nailart Essence Hot Red Essie Not Just A Pretty FaceA Bloody Mani.. I'm not perfectly happy with the outcome, so I'll try this again somewhere in the near future. I used Essie Not Just a Pretty Face as a base color (review on this one will follow in the next couple of days) and Essence Hot Red from the Show Your Feet line as the color for blood.

There's a reason that I chose to do this manicure now. I received some info about World Blood Donor Day a little while ago and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to both post about nails and about something important. I'll include the information that I received, as well as some pictures of the bandages that are named in the article.

World Blood Donor Day is tomorrow, June 14th 2010. I'm not an American, but I know we have the same issues with donating blood in The Netherlands. There is never enough blood. If you are in good health, please consider giving. It takes only a little time and you might save more than one life with the blood you've donated.


Many Americans consider giving blood to be an important act of community service, however, less than 10 percent donate on an annual basis. Incredibly, if just one percent more donated–less than four million Americans–the nation’s blood shortages would disappear for the foreseeable future. To help close this gap, Nexcare Brand and America’s Blood Centers are partnering on the second annual give program, a nationwide blood donation initiative kicking off on World Blood Donor Day, Monday, June 14th, and extending through Sunday, June 20th.

With the support of hundreds of participating local blood centers, the give program inspires Americans with a message of hope, and helps them to spread the word by distributing limited-edition Nexcare Bandages marked with the word give.

World Blood Donor Day comes at an important time each year. As local blood centers face “summer shortages,” the nation’s blood supply comes under strain due to less donations because of increased vacation schedules and other seasonal distractions that tend to take place in the summer months. World Blood Donor Day reminds Americans to donate and enables them to help make a impact in reducing these shortages.

The 2010 give Bandages are inspired by both the patriotic act of giving blood as well as Flag Day, which will also be recognized on June 14, 2010. This collection of three Nexcare bandages are designed to represent the American flag signify the everyday hero in each American who commits to saving lives by donating blood.

Additionally, there’s a dedicated website, www.nexcaregive.com, where visitors can share their story, get directions to our local blood center and register to receive coupons and a free sampling of bandages.

Finally, timing couldn’t be more perfect since this month marks the release of the third Twilight movie “Eclipse,” so it’s a time to think about giving blood, while the vampire craze is all about taking it!

Did You Know? Facts About Blood Donation
· One pint of blood can save up to three lives
· Every two seconds, someone needs blood
· Most Americans will require a blood transfusion at some point in their lives
· Less than 10% of Americans donate blood on an annual basis
· If one percent more Americans gave blood, all national blood shortages would disappear for the foreseeable future
· There is no substitute for human blood
· Donors can give whole blood up to six times a year

Thanks for reading :)

Blue Polka Dots Toe Nail Art

Blue polka dots Toe Nail art designs gallery
Blue Polka Dots, originally uploaded by Sirsnapsalot.

Blue polka dots Toe Nail art designs gallery

Feb 20, 2011

Flowers on Purple Toes Pedicure Nails Art Design

Flowers on Purple Toes Pedicure Nails Art Design
Flowers on Purple Toes Pedicure Nails Art Design

Long Nails - Back in Vogue

Long nails are back in vogue. Nails are like fashion accessories they change in length along with hem lines.


At times throughout fashion history fingernail length has varied. There are some favorite lengths to include athletic (short), natural (shorter), long nails and every size in between.

Fingernails are often used to make a statement by painting them unusual colors and allowing them to grow extremely long. A favorite style that never goes out of style is the short red fingernails. These types have been popular with celebrities for a long time.

Long Nails - Back in Vogue-4Trends

A trend that has been popular since the nineteen eighties is to lengthen the natural nails by applying artificial ones. Initially this trend was started by applying artificial nails that covered the entirety from the bed to the tip. Over time the methods improved and today just a tip is added to the natural fingernail and then covered with acrylic to keep it from breaking off. These acrylic nails are adorned with rhinestones and other trim, even piercing has enjoyed its share in the spotlight.

Long Nails - Back in Vogue-3Nail shape also seems to follow a trend. In some generations the way to go is with long nails that are filed to almost a point, than the next generation it may be short square fingernails. Rounded ones have also seen their time.

Long Nails - Back in Vogue-2Perfectly manicured nails have also been a huge trend since the nineteen forties. The trend has changed over time as to what is the "in" color which has varied over the ages. The color range runs the gamut of the rainbow from the palest pinks to midnight black.

Long Nails - Back in Vogue-1
Currently the trend is to have long nails either naturally or artificially and to wear the popular French manicure with either a tan or a pink base and white tips.

Airbrushed nails are also very popular and wearing different designs that are air brushed on are also very popular. The tech uses an air brush machine to create designs which are than covered with a top coat of clear polish.

Of all the styles and trends they have gone through it seems that the most popular everlasting style has been long nails that are well groomed on a woman's hand. It just seems to convey a message of well cared for to the world and really puts her best hand forward. There is no better way to pamper yourself.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Paul_Neidalos

Feb 18, 2011

Promocja na szkolenia!!

Unique Organic Nails Polish

Organic nail polish can be made easily at home with henna powder and water. The result is a gorgeous non-chipping natural nail color that is eco-friendly and safe for your body. This recipe yields enough organic nail polish for a single application to all nails. The color will last for several days-weeks before significant fading is experienced.

How to Make and Use Organic Nail Polish
by willow sidhe

1. Make a thin paste, which will be your organic nail polish, by adding warm water to a small amount of henna powder in a small bowl. The consistency should be thin enough to spread with a nail polish brush, but not too thin as to be watery.

2. Apply the organic nail polish to your nails with a clean nail polish brush. Be very careful not to get any on your skin, although if you do, it should fade much faster than your nails. Allow your nails to dry in the sun, if possible. If this is not possible, dry in a nail dryer or near a small fan.

3. Rinse your nails in tepid tap water once the organic nail polish is completely dry. The result will be a soft pink color that will not chip. The color will slowly wear away with time, and this method can be repeated as necessary.

4. Discard any remaining organic nail polish when you're finished. A new batch should be made for each application, as henna loses its active properties after being mixed and exposed to the air for long periods of time.

Unique Organic Nails Polish-2Unique Organic Nails Polish-1