Nov 21, 2010

Misa Nailart Collection

Hi all!

I just received this in the mail! I have no clue if there are already posts about this, but since I couldn't find any blog that posted about the Misa Nailart collection I thought I'd post it anyway! I didn't even know Misa had a complete line of nailart (stripers), so there's a whole new world for me lol.

Misa Nailart - please click to enlarge! There are some great glitter/shimmer colors in there as you can see. In the bottom right corner you can see the two newest additions to the collection - Mud Slide and Celebration.

I haven't tried any of these stripers, so I don't know anything about the quality of these. Maybe I should try some in the future :) They look like a whole lot of great colors for nailart fanatics! I don't have a steady hand unfortunately, so these may be not for me.

If I'm correct, these are already available!

China Glaze Let´s Groove with Nfu Oh 50

I am leaving for two weeks so I wanted to say bye :) I will not be able to respond to comments and emails, but I have planned some posts that will post automatically. When I return, I will have a lot of new swatches for you, so stay tuned!

Odjíždím na dva týdny pryč a tak se jdu rozloučit :) Bohužel nebudu mít přístup na internet, takže nebudu reagovat na vaše komentáře a emaily. Aby vám ale nebylo smutno, naplánovala jsem nějaké příspěvky, které se automaticky zveřejní. Až se vrátím, budu pro vás mít spoustu nových fotek, tak se těšte!

Hand henna Design

Decide where you want your henna tattoo. You can get it either on your palm or on the outside of your hand, depending on your personal preference. The henna will show up darker on the inside of the palm, but more people will see the outside of the hand. You could choose to get both done and look for a design that covers both areas.
Choose smaller elements to create a larger design. Typically, henna designs are made up of many small components put together in a pleasing manner. It may be a series of dots, flowers, vines and lines, but when it comes together it creates something really beautiful.

henna art painting

henna art work

henna hand with bandhini chunni