Jan 7, 2012

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Fuggen Ugly Hot Mess!

Hi all!

A very quick post today with just my NOTD of today. I will do a full review with more (and decent) pics somewhere later this week.

Michèle from Lacquerized was so sweet to order some ManGlazes for me a while ago. Unfortunately, my bottle of Fuggen Ugly would not open! I tried everything, but the bottle was fuggen stuck. I told Marc from ManGlaze and he offered to send me a new bottle ♥!! Talking about great CS :D Anyway, I got my new bottle in yesterday and it opened! So I thought I might as well put it on.

ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly two coats on every nail (with a thin coat of Nubar Diamont) and two coats of Hot Mess on my ringfinger. Ain't that sweet? I'm really diggin' the combination!

That's all for today dear reader, I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday :)

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