Aug 31, 2011

Essence Louise with China Glaze Joy

I got this Essence polish in a sale at my local drugstore and I am glad I did! Purple square and round glitter. I tried it on China Glaze Joy and the effect was so beautiful :) what do you think?

Funky style Nail art

funky nail art

mix-nail art

Rainbow nail art

Mint leopard nail art

Star nail art

Pink rose nail art

Polka dot nail art

H&M Sinful Señorita

Hi all!

Is iedereen blij dat het bijna weekend is? Vandaag heb ik een lak van H&M; voor jullie: Sinful Señorita!

Is everyone glad that it's almost weekend? Today I have one of the H&M; polishes for you: Sinful Señorita!

H&M; Sinful Señorita, twee laagjes in zonlicht. Sinful Señorita is een donkerroze lak met holografische glitter. Dit is geen echte holo, dat wil zeggen met regenboogeffect, maar zonlicht doet haar zeker stralen. Applicatie was prima en ze was dekkend in twee laagjes. Net als de meeste lakken met holografische glitters en/of effect, is ze snel droog. Wat mij betreft een goede lak van H&M;!

H&M; Sinful Señorita, two coats in daylight. Sinful Señorita is a dark pink polish with holographic (or prismatic) glitter. No true holo effect, like with the Nfu Oh's or China Glaze OMG collection in the shape of a rainbow on the nails, but the sun truly lets this polish shine. Application was good and she was opaque in two coats. Like most polish with holographic glitter and/or effect, she dries quickly. Good quality polish in my opinion!

Jullie kennen mij inmiddels langer dan vandaag, wat zijn gelakte nagels nou zonder een beetje Konad?

You've known me for a while now, so what's a pretty mani without a little Konad?

Stamped with China Glaze Millennium and imageplate M25. I like this look a lot! Let's take a closer look at the stamps..

I think it's pretty! The colors work well together and it's not too much.

Well, that's it for today! I have plenty of stuff planned to show you in the next couple of days! We're having a lot of birthdays so I won't be around much answering your comments and emails, but I will make sure I will get a new post up on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I will post details about my first giveaway on Saturday, so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!

Aug 29, 2011

China Glaze Coconut Kiss

I said it a hundred times...I LOVE purple! Looks like purple really is my color :) Last year China Glaze released a collection called What´s Your Color, where they paired each sign with a color. I am a sagittarius and guess what? Yes, purple is my color and it was Coconut Kiss, which I am showing you today. Really glad I got this one, as there is never enough purples.

Už jsem to psala snad stokrát...MILUJU fialovou! Vypadá to, že tahle barvička je mi opravdu souzena. Minulý rok China Glaze vydala kolekci dvanácti laků, každý patřil k jednomu znamení zvěrokruhu. Já jsem střelec a hádejte co? No jasně, moje barva je fialová a to konkrétně Coconut Kiss, který mám dneska na sobě. Jsem opravdu ráda, že jsem si ho pořídila, fialových laků není nikdy dost.

Aug 28, 2011

The Real Housewives of Tudor Dynasty by Rescue Beauty Lounge

Today's swatches and review is totally drool-worthy. I have for you Rescue Beauty Lounge's The Real Housewives of Tudor Dynasty!! Four gorgeous shades inspired by the Tudor dynasty

Catherine is a smokey purple with gold, bright blue, fuchsia shimmer.

Anne is a smokey gray olive green with gold and pink shimmers

Jane is a a gray pearl with slight hints of gold and pink shimmer. The shimmers are not as noticeable on your nails than on the bottle. Sorry I didn't get to take a picture of this one in sunlight

Catherine H is a Wedgewood blue hue with pink and gold flecks.

All of these look different in different lighting. Under direct sunlight the flecks and shimmers show up pretty well. But if you're indoors it looks like your typical shimmers; however if you stare at it for awhile you'll notice the gorgeous gold and pink shimmers.

These were very opaque. All were done under two coats and a top coat. I had no problems with the applications, it was very smooth. Well worth $18 (in this case $72 for 4) out of my wallet. I love spending my money on polishes that are worth it.

My favorites would have to be Catherine H and Catherine. I like Anne too but Jane didn't really put much WOW for me.

Well that is all I have for today!

Aug 27, 2011

Romantic Wedding Dresses

A romantic wedding gown is always a favorite design because the tight upper body piece makes the body looks slimmer with a big skirt. Even teenagers like wearing this style to their prom occasions. Obviously, this design is very flattering for anyone who would wear it. It is also very feminine when worn.

UniqueTropical Zebra Nail Design

The other day I was wandering around the Fashion Show mall here in Las Vegas, and as I passed by a store creatively called 'The ABC Store' I saw a huge display for a brand called Island Girl Cosmetics. I remembered Michelle of All Lacquered Up mentioned that her friend Christine was excited by them, so after a million times just walking by that store, I finally went in...and man, I'm glad! They had some awesome color changing polishes, some fun glitters (shapes and flakies), and some great and bright colors. Best of all, the normal polishes were only $2.99! For today's nail art, I wanted to show a few of the color changing polishes. I've even included a video (don't mind the silly), of it in action! :)

UniqueTropical Zebra Nail Design

I used Island Girl Color Changing polish in 2006 for the base (it's a shimmery tangerine color that changes to neon yellow), then used Konad Plate m57 to apply Island Girl Color Changing Polish in 2009 (a bright blue that changes to turquoise). Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Aug 26, 2011

Party Nail Designs 2011


Prepare for the party season in time and experiment with some of the easiest still voguish nail art trends that look dazzling for all events. These fun party nail designs 2011 will offer you the opportunity to test your skills and use some of the latest techniques to enhance your manicure with a tint of glamor. Choose from the infinite selection of patterns and make sure you think big and appeal to a wider color palette to make things even more fascinating and colorful. Let these professionally inspired examples mesmerize you and take you to the next level of nail painting. Use your manicure as the best accessory to crown your festive and high street look.

Spare yourself from the bad manicure days and sport these cute designs that can be applied with no difficulties to the nails. Prepare the surface in order to guarantee the best conditions for a successful nail session. Use the best tools and products to polish the canvas to perfection and start the decorating when all the conditions are secured. First and foremost choose the nail polish shades you wish to use. Go for hues that complement your skin tone and nail shapes as some of the most important factors that could determine the outcome of your manicure.

Nfu Oh 46

Today I bring you the promised Nfu Oh 46. I think that these polishes look best layered on another, but I swatched it alone, so you can see the color. The base is a bright medium red and the flakies go from red to gold. Would look perfect on a red or black base. On the pictures I have three coats and still VNL. Really better for layering, but still an awesome color. Sometimes I just wish I had all of them :)

Dnes pro vás mám slibovaný Nfu Oh 46. Obecně jsou tyhle laky určený na vrstvení (a mně se tak líbí nejvíc), ale vyfotila jsem ho pro vás samotný, aby byl dobře vidět odstín. Základ je výrazná středně červená, šupinky jsou pak červeno zlaté. Úplně ho vidím na červeném nebo černém laku. Na fotkách mám tři vrstvy a ani to nestačilo pro plné krytí. Opravdu je mnohem lepší na vrstvení. Někdy si říkám, že bych je chtěla mít všechny :)

Aug 25, 2011

Camouflage Wedding Dresses

Modest Ball Gown Wedding Dresses 2

Wedding Dresses - Ballgown Style

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress has a tight fitting bodice with boning and a full skirt. Think Scarlett O'Hara or Cinderella.

This style is perfect for a fairy tale wedding and is ideally suited for traditional formal weddings. The silhouette pairs a fitted bodice with a full skirt and may be one piece or separates. and is ideally suited for traditional formal weddings.

There are many different necklines which combine with and sleeve lengths to create as many different looks as there are different weddings. A strapless ball gown with opera length gloves, is a stunningly dramatic gown. If you prefer a simple elegant look, go with a floor length, off the shoulder dress with a V neck bodice.

The ball gown works well with a train as the skirt can balance the weight of a train. Either a cathedral length train or the more modest brush length train will look wonderful with this style of wedding dress.

Different fabrics will highlight different aspects of your dress. Beading or lace work on the bodice, with a plain satin skirt accentuate the upper body. A floaty effect can be achieved using multiple layers of light fabric.

The volume of the ball gown requires a petticoat or crinoline to support the structure. Layers of organza, or tulle, can also support the skirt but with a slightly soft silhouette.

If you have a slender or pear-shaped figures the ball gown is ideal for you. The full skirt will emphasise your waist and hide your lower body. If you have a large bust, this style will help to create the hourglass look.

Things to Consider:

Not the easiest dress to wear the ball gown has a couple of drawbacks for some brides. Petite brides may not have the height to balance the size of the skirt, and if you are full busted you may find a really wide skirt makes you look larger. An A-line or princess cut dress can be more flattering in these circumstances.

Best Figure Type:

Ball gown wedding dresses, have a fitted bodice and full, wide skirt. Flaring out from the waist, your waistline will look slimmer and (if you need it) large hips or thighs will be camouflaged. Wedding gowns with a basque waist have a fitted bodice with downward-pointing "V". This "V" shape suits tall brides, and also brides with a short body and long legs. The "V" shape should be avoided if you are short or have a short body with long legs. Most other body types can wear the ball gown style wedding dress.

Fabrics to use:

Tulle, organza, taffeta for the skirt. Velvet, Duchess satin Damask or brocade for bodice are just some choices.

From:Wanda Arnold

Nfu Oh 50 over black

My first post only in english, what a relief. I really apologise to my czech reades, but I am just too lazy to continue writing in both languages. The good news is, that I will try to write more in english, not just only I like it or I don´t and how many coats. I think this will be better for both sides. So today I have for you another layering mani with Nfu Oh 50. Can´t believe I still haven´t tried it over black! The purple base dissapears and you see only flakies that turn from blue to green. So the effect is similar to Nfu Oh 52 over black, but that looks more green as you can have a look here.

Look at how the color changes from blue to green. Stunning!

Aug 24, 2011

Gabriella Salvete 117

Two days ago I bought this polish from a czech drustore brand. I mean, I just couldn´t leave it there. It looked like holo awesomeness in the bottle (detail on the left picture)! Sadly not on the nail :( It looks like black with silver glitter. I am not very happy with this polish. The surface is rough and you can´t see the holo much. Too bad...

Because I just wanted something holographic I added a bit of Nfu Oh 63. This was real quick, I am sure if you take your time you can make beautiful designs with it :)

Aug 22, 2011

Color Club Ms. Socialite (Rebel Debutante Collection 2010)

Who would have thought there is a purple out there that I am not going to be very excited about? I wouldn´t :) But here it is...Ms. Socialite is a creme purple leaning toward plum. I couldn´t get an even application in two coats. Maybe my fault. Maybe I would like this color more if it would come for fall, but not for spring.